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hi lc but a battered hilux...eventually i will buy one!

live in zim but looking to work in the uk for a while (just passed my pgce!) teaching d&t.

run the website for people buying and selling their 4x4s in africa and my home site is

anyway, hope to get and give lots of usefull stuff so...hi!
howzit Fred,

when you say battered hilux you mean battered like the top gear hilux or not so bad? :lol:

anyway, welcome. a few saffa's here and one (i think only one?) zimbo here.

when you coming to the uk?

i'm currently in the uk but i'm off back to zim at the beginning of august.

my hilux has a 1kz-t engine (same as in the older colorado's, prados, etc) but i blew the head and its been sitting in my garden in zim for the last 18 months!
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welcome Fred.

no longer in coventry i see - got yourself a place by the sea.

good to see you still around - i'm lucky off, remember the rear wheel carrier for the 4runner ?.
Hi Andy! Glad to see you're alive and well!

After I got that rear wheel carrier off you we shipped out to SA - spent 6 months there and then drove up to Kenya where we spent the next 3 years (your rear wheel carrier plus attached 4runner are parked up in Zim!). Came back here, retrained as a teacher and now looking for our next adventure. May take a year or so to get ship shape but we plan on buying an LC80 and then driving, in stages, back to Zimbabwe.
good stuff Fred, i'm envious. good luck on sourcing the 80, sold mine at the end of last year, now driving around in a 100 which is very nice and smooth but not as tough and basic as the 80 (which was still very nice anyway). would certainly go down the 80 or 105 route if i was using it in africa.
andy harvey said:
good stuff Fred, i'm envious.

don't be! i'm teaching english kids for the next year at least! eish! talk about kids with special needs! i teach d&t and am looking for a perm post at the moment - anyroad, if you're ever in the area...pop in for a beer.
Fred said:
who's the zimbo?

that would be me (unless there's another one or two lurking :shhh: ). born and brought up till i moved to sunny sa in the early 80's ... when you-know-who took over :evil:

end of paradise as i knew it :violin:

anyway, welcome on board - hope you have fun :cool:
Bit of both - born in Salisbury, but lived in Bulawayo too, and went to school at Plumtree, and of course in the army all over the place- Bulawayo, Gwelo, Umtali, Salisbury, Melsetter, Inyanga, Beith Bridge, Wankie, Kariba ... not difficult to get to all of the country really :D
Have worked in Harare and Gwayi (Hwange) but live in Bulawayo (Burnside) - any way, Oom Gary, stay well!
Just for interest - I see General Peter Walls passed away suddenly this morning - that'll make robber mugarbage happy no doubt ...