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I am looking for a CB radio for our 'meets'


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Mar 22, 2010
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Hello all,
I am thinking of buying a cheapish CB radio, for the club days out that we have.
I know it will hardly get used at any other time.
I was not really interested in mounting it into the dash.
is a Midland a half decent make?
I was simply just going to leave it lying on the passenger floor for the days that I use it.
And simply plugged into the 12V power outlet.

Advice please.

I got a Midland 78+ . Its got 80 channels. 40 UK & 40 EU. Had no issues with it. Turns out I will never use the 40 EU chans.

I've just velcro'd the back of it and stuck it to the side of the centre console. It just plugs into the cig lighter socket. I have a mag mount which I dont really like, and a gutter mount.

Dont waste your time with Maplin. Check out they are very helpful...
What he said.

I got a special offer from 4x4cb. IIRC, £50 all inc (cable, antenna and CB) . Not going to win any competitions with it but it works. It's small enough to wedge between the centre console and passenger seat.
Mines a Midland 78+ as well, never had a problem with it.

I also don't like mag mounts, if you're going to use one make sure you get a wippy aerial or it will get knocked off.

The cable also will damage your paint work over time.
Have a look on ebay and see if you can get a handheld - I have a Midland alan 42 and it's great, with the car kit you can use an external magmount and then just plug it into a 12V socket although get one that runs straight back to the battery, all CBs are a bit susceptible to power interferance from a shared power supply. There are a couple on ebay at the moment around the £50 mark or a buy it now at £69.
Get a Midland and a good twig. Do not get a springer type one as they are crap. Spend about £25 and another £20 on a good mount. Try not to get a gutter mount if your going anywhere near trees, as they tend to get ripped off. Mag mounts are fine as long as they are mounted in the middle of the roof or bonnet. I have mine mounted on the A-bar at the front. I have also got a K40 on a magmount that I sometimes use in the car.
Most important thing to to get the SWR right when it is fitted.

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