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I come from the land of ice and snow


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Mar 27, 2023
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Hello everybody. My name is Gorm Bruland. On Saturday I bought my first Land Cruiser. It's a 2001 Prado with 3 liter turbodiesel with about 160 hp. About 133.000 miles on the meter. Hope I can churn out 133.000 more.

It seems to be in relatively good shape when it comes to rust. As far as I can see it's mainly surface rust on the frame and suspension parts, but no deep rust.
The body looks good. I assume many land cruisers are killed by rust here in Norway.
We have to pass a technical control of the vehicle every second year. To much rust on the frame and you'll have to park the car until the problem is mended.
I'm not a car repair guy. so I hope frequent spraying of the underside will keep it rolling for many years. Fluid-film (lanolin spraying) are quite popular as an anti-rust treatment over here, so I will probably go for that this summer.

The reason i bought this car was mainly that I want to have a second car that is reliable and not too expensive to maintain. What made me take the decision was that my other car had a break down one week ago. And the repair work shop had to wait for 6 days for the parts needed to fix it. I also wanted a car with more luggage space, for those few occasions.

I have a Citroen C4 Aircross 4X4. A good car, but a bit expensive on the maintenance. Modern cars are just to complex (I hope the complexity of my LC is managable) . Well that was my first four by four. The Toyota is much more rugged, and probably more solid in many ways.

The car came with some issues. The rear differential lock doesn't work. And there come a whining sound from the converter at idle. As soon as I touch the pedal the sound goes away. I have little experience with automatic transmissions. I certainly hope I don't have to change the torque converter. For my use I can probably live fine without the rear diff-lock. Next winter will show.

I'm not sure what this model is called in this forum. I see you have names like 70, 90 etc. Could anybody please help me with the distinction?

That's all for now

Isn't she lovely :D
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The numbers you see are the ‘Series’ for Land Cruisers. Your vehicle is a 90 series, but being a 5 door it is a J95. The 3 litre TD engine is the 1KZ-TE so your model is a KZJ95.
I can't zoom but i think i'm seeing red on the wing badge which along with it being a 2001 truck could mean its a KDJ95 ?
Vin number in :)

We hope to be driving around Norway later this year, maybe we can see you on the travels somewhere.
Found out about the sound I tought came from the torque converter. It actually comes from the joint between the exhaust pipe and the manifold. I've never had that problem before. Fortunately it is easy to fix.
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If this site is correct then my car is a KDJ95 with an 1HDFTE engine, and not a KZJ95 with 1KZ-TE engine. The specs I've found for the 1HDFTE engine looks quite similar to what is stated in the papers that followed the car, although not entirely the same. The car is registered with 163 Hp if I remember correct.
KDJ95 meaning 1KD 3.0L turbo diesel engine .

Greater power and better fuel economy compared to the 1kz due to a digitally managed turbo .

Definitely one of Toyota's better engines given almost no common faults reported .
Hi Gorm, Looks like a good choice. I have a 1996 Prado (KZJ90) which had only done 150K Kilometres when I bought it 6 years ago and was very clean underneath. I waxoil it underneath every year and today it has passed its MOT test again. I live on a hill farm and run a quarry so it has a hard life towing trailers and running on rough tracks. It takes this work in it's stride. Good luck with your LC! Jim.