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I'm Back

1973FJ40 Nayla

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Mar 8, 2021
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Edith Collins
"Nayla" 1973 FJ40 Rustic Green
weber carb, K&N oil filter, F1 1/2 engine (1974)
Located in Hall Co. GA about 50 miles NE of Atlanta

We got Nayla off of ebay in 2002. I joined at that time.
Everything mechanical got fixed, but the interest was lost when it came to fixing the body. So she sat in the garage for 15 years.

Due to the pandemic, I became a "work from home" person for a few months. During my after lunch walks, I happened to meet the neighbor 3 doors down who restores old cars for a hobby. Who said there was not a silver lining to the 2020 mess? He is hoping to have her finished by the beginning of the Summer. I think that is optimistic. But, after 20 years, what difference will a few weeks make?

Happy to be back!