Injector overhaul + Pumps



Before anyone goes off to get their injectors expensively overhauled.
I agree that they need recalibration and possibly new nozzles when very
worn/burnt, but they can be cleaned by a DIY owner with surprising results.
I found this out when using MTZ tractors made in Belarus. When new these
tractors come with an extensive tool kit to do ALL maintenance and
overhaul. This includes brass brushes and a finger mandrel with various
ridged reamers for cleaning the injector nozzles. (OK, there is more access
for DI injectors I know, but for II nozzles a good brush-up can work
wonders too). Apart from other auto/plant engines, I have since cleaned
the injectors on my boat's Ruggerini engine to good effect.
If you have the usual Denso variant of the Bosch VE pump, the most common
fault is a leaking top plate seal - you may have seen a 'pump seal kit' for
sale in the Milner list for about 7.50. There is a technique to it, but
this seal can be replaced in a maximum of 90 minutes at a cost saving over
a specialist job of approximately 250 quid. I can supply a detailed
breakdown of the job - its one of the most popular tech pages I have
supplied the Pajero Club. But its about 3 pages.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - and remember that the 'Colorado' is
also the more common 'Prado' as well as the later 'LandCruiser' and its
better known as a 90 series. In its bra and knickers it a 4Runner, now
fitted with a better looking body. And the wonderful 3l turbo is as
powerful as my 6 cylinder. Only problem is the IFS and weak rack and pinion
steering to the Mac strut type of hybrid front suspension.
And yes 'Amazon' is common badging for late 80's & 100's supplied outside
UK, plenty of them here.