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Hi All
Mr Injectors is scratching his head over this. Symptoms are lumpy idle,
probably 20% less torque and the car is heating up quicker than normal.
Does not overheat though, just gets to operating temp faster than it
used to. Will rev up ok minimal smoke which is grayish not black.
Has checked the injectors - fine, correct torque figures, new washers
and seals. All reassembled, pipes and pump checked for leaks, its all
He thinks: Pump is now struggling to supply the pressure required for
the new injectors. Pump should be rebuilt and re calibrated.
Anyone got a workshop manual to hand that can advise me of the correct
numbers to do with the injectors and pump just to make sure.
All the best

Simon Hughes

Tel: 020 7549 3663
Mobile: 07973 288061
Mail: [Email address removed]
Did he remove or move the pump?
Could he have knocked the timing out?
Julian Voelcker
What kind of cruiser you're referring about?
'96 HDJ80
Hi Simon,
Some of the fuel shops where I am will overcharge 30-50% on 1HD-T or
1HD-FT injectors to service them and this is to cover rebuilding them
multiple times until they get them right as they require a lot of time
(that they are not prepared to spend) to set up properly. Std injectors
you can rebuild a set of six in 1 1/2 hours the dual springs to
carefully set up spot on may require 4-6 hours. A lumpy wandering idle
is typical of poorly set dual spring injectors. There is too much info
in the manual to list in a email the nozzle part number is not listed.
The 12 and 24v engines require a different set of nozzles and set up tools.
Things that need to be checked and adjusted needle lift and pre lift, #2
opening pressure 3342-3485psi, #1 opening pressure 2560-2702psi.
Tightening torque of injector into 24v head 25Nm (18ftlb's).
Could they have used 12v nozzles or copy part nozzles the body of the
injector will have a brand on it I would be using that brand of nozzle
which could be zexel, nippon denso maybe others. Where I am I have a
choice of four fuel shops and there is only one I will trust with dual
spring injetors all other types any of them are fine.
Be careful about tearing into the injection pump that it is the problem
as if it is worn severely you may end up with a bill for 1000-2000+
pounds to return it back to as new condition.
Add a walbro pusher as that will help look after the injection pump but
will obviously not fix this problem.
The injectors are not what you give to a beginner to play with they are
exspensive to service with new nozzles and get set up correctly, as well
as being price greedy some of the fuel shops here encourage owners to
run them for very long distances between services as they are scared
they can't actually rebuild a set and get them to work reliably again.
With the truck running at idle pump the hand primer on the fuel filter
(vigorously until it is quite hard) and if the idle improves and smooths
the feed pump in the injection pump is getting tired. You can fix that
with a rebuild but it could cost a lot. Add a Walbro pusher pump and it
has the same effect as you pumping the hand primer (it improves the
efficiency of the feed pump which makes the whole pump behave better) it
will not rebuild the injection pump but it cn often make a big
difference on a injection pump with a worn feedpump. If the feedpump is
tired it will affect the pumps ability to feed the new injectors but to
theextent you are seeing seems unusal.
Simon Hughes wrote:
Hi Guys
I was just wondering if it is advised to buy or stick with the Toyota
injector nozzels.
I ask because I know its better to stick with certain brand items for the
cruiser and wondered is this was another one.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
Ideally stick to Toyota injectors, although I suppose good quality 3rd party injectors should be OK.
However avoid any Chinese made injectors like the plague, I have heard several stories of them not lasting very long and I recall one story of them breaking up in the engine.
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Thanks julian
Thats what i was thinking exactly, I have seen a lot of the chinese ones on
ebay and just wondered .
They are cheaper but then you pay for what you get and the last thing I want
is more hassle.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDt