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Insurance Over-reach ??


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Mar 1, 2010
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I have three cars insured with Admiral Multi-car. They cover me, with my wife and two adult daughters as 'named drivers'.

Today I received an e-mail asking for Driving Licence details for the four of us.

I have a Transit van insured with Adrian Flux and three bikes with Carole Nash - neither has my driving licence details.

Being over 70, I renew my licence every three years, I fail to see that this is any business of the Insurance Companies.

Before I refer the issue to the RAC Legal Services - Has anyone else had this request, and what are the views ??

I look forward to the responses.

I have been asked before to email a copy of my licence for car/bike insurance. You can generate a code on the DVLA website to give to anyone wanting proof of your licence validity. It only lasts for a few days and they don't get to view your licence, it just validates it. I did this when my employer required proof.
I imagine something written into your insurance paperwork prevents them from legally selling your details to China , Russia or North Korea so they need details they can sell .
Its common. Theres so much fraud going on - scam claims, cloning etc.
Pretty sure that no one can ask for your license like this, which is why the DVLA has that code thing.

Never had to offer up my license details to insurance. They might need something to make sure you are insurable, but the DVLA code gets you that.
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Just had a look at what details the code gives, the last 8 digits of the licence number plus driving entitlements and any endorsements. They will already have your address and DOB so I'm not sure how much more secure it is.
Thanks guys, that's pretty much what I thought.

I 'phoned RAC Legal Services this morning and had a chat with a nice lady. She found the request surprising and confirmed that there is no legal requirement for the Insurance company to hold Driving Licence details.

I have replied to Admiral's e-mail declining to provide the information and quoting RAC Legal Services. We shall see what their reaction is.

Anyone recommend an Insurance company for three cars ? :lol: :lol:

Not all insurance companies request it so it may just come down to individual policy requirements. If you refuse I guess they could just refuse to insure you and if that is the case just take your business elsewhere.
I'd be suspicious of a scam. Give them a call (not using the number in their email!) and ask if it is something that they normally ask for and go from there.
Given where you live Bob you might find the nice people at NFU at the showgrounds really helpful, I've only ever had excellent service from them over 10 years now. No funny call centres, just friendly local service at really good rates. Don't do bikes though
I always entered license number while filling up insurance details for getting quotes. Thought this might give a better quote. With Admiral too I did the same but they never asked to send details not was it compulsory to enter license details while filling up details to get quotes. After a few years of having a multi policy with Admiral, this year I moved out and took out insurance individually at different companies. I saved about 800£ this way.
We went with Brentacre to get the imported HZJ75 insured and they were good so the HDJ100 went on there too. USP is they pick up the phone straight away and were very easy to deal with.
As mentioned, the code is used for the insurance to essentially confirm that your licence (and that of the named drivers) is as you have declared it. IE correct number of points etc. Rental companies do this too.

The request can be triggered by as little as using a comparison site to 'simulate' what might happen if you get a speeding ticket, or if you have declared a material difference to your employment etc, to see if it affects your quote. For this reason it is beneficial to be careful when combining postcodes, dates of birth, vehicles etc, when exploring the market as even with a spurious name / email / telephone / slightly different postcode, it is easy to identify an policy holder. If you read the various T&Cs one can see insurers are quite open about sharing this data between them for the prevention of fraud etc.
Over-reach indeed .

Its new , you have to go to the Gov website to get a share code to give to insurance so the gov can help insurers rob you for the gov . I guess gov wants to know who can afford to insure a car so they can squeeze a little more out of them .

9 hours i think it took me to get insured , after payment was taken . And i fully expect to be told tomorrow its void unless i have an anal probe and send my left testicle in the post .