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Jul 31, 2023
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Good day

I hope I find you all well.

I'm not sure if it's allowed.

My name is Terrence Mutonhori I am a Zimbabwean by birth and currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa,I am the CEO of Canterbury Auto a company specialising in exporting cars from South Africa

I am new here and I'm seeking a market to exort Landcruiser hardtops to the UK from here in South Africa.

We have noticed that the hard tops Landcruisers which are the 76,78,73 and 79 series are hard to find in UK especially on the RHD and are therefore looking for a market in the UK to export these cars from here in South Africa as they are relatively cheaper here compared to Australia which the UK relies on.

They are a lot of websites here which you can find a vehicle from here if you want to source on your own and we can provide these services ÷

Vehicle assesment
Police paperwork
Port Clearance

We have a business partner based in Kent just outside of London.

We have two offices in Johannesburg South Africa and in Harare Zimbabwe.We are also not limited to export of Landcruisers but can also do classic cars,quad bikes ,jetskiis etcs.

Please kindly get in touch with us on

+263775886495 WhatsApp

[email protected] email
By ‘hard tops’ do you mean hi tops: fibreglass shells?