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Yes please.
Ps: Totally off-topic. I see you've got Skype - how do you find it?
| Hi Christopher,
| > I remember that maybe 2 months ago someone in the UK mentioned that
| > they had found an LPG injection installer at around =A3600.
| I think that was Derek Blackett looking at something from
| Allisport near Gloucester.
| Do you need more info?
| --
| Regards,
| Julian Voelcker
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Hi Christopher,
David Blackett was the chap from the list that mentioned it - he had
been dealing with Andrew Graham at - they also
do the intercoolers.
There is nothing on the site about it, but worth giving him a ring.
Not bad - I know more and more poople moving over to it. Ideally you
should pickup one of the USB handsets from ebay to make the most of it,
although I survive using the mike and speakers plugged into the
I've not bothered with the Skpe Out function for cheap calls because I
have moved our office over to full VoIP phones anyway.
Most the time I just use it in chat mode.
On the security side, it has got pretty good recently and now that ebay
own it I suspect they will keep on top of things.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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