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Isolating the Bungarra way


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Nov 4, 2012
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Mustering on Mileura cattle station in the Murchison Western Australia during lockdown.

These little Suzuki Bull buggys will go any where... sandy creeks, 75 degree banks, 3 inch trees

They are also big enough to handle the scrub bulls.... bashing them into the right direction or pulling them up... head to head with a big bull they come off second best... they may try again but soon realize its folly after they wake up...
Rolling Eyes

Nothing like the adrenaline rush trying to head these big mothers off, all the while dodging trees, stumps, and creeks... why I have even had em stick their head in the passenger side and open the cooler to see what I had for lunch..

Where I live is an adventure every day I just love it.

By the way.. a Bungarra (Bung) (arra as in arrow) is a sand goanna (Goulds goanna) for anyone interested.

I had a mob of cattle few weeks ago and came across an eagle and bungarra fighting, the eagle flew off as the mob stomped through. The old bungarra wasnt looking too flash though. It was only a matter of time before the eagle would finish him.

Photos, order of appearance. 1,3,5,2,4,7,8,9,10.

1. slowing down the mob

2.Using portable yards

3. Bull buggys on the march..... these are magnificent bits of gear in the scrub.... nothing is better.....4

4. What an awesome piece of machinery

5. unloading at the main yard to draft and tag

7. The road is the strip

8.When the plane calls there is no stopping.... get there now.... I tried shaking it off but....

9.I love Western Star trucks, much better than Kenworth IMO

10. Toyota Landcruiser country.... horses for coarses.... the nimble light suzukis are big enough to rattle a scrub bull and light enough to go where a cruiser cannot

Cheers hope you enjoyed the post


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