Jap-spec 2002 J9 with zero miles, anyone?



Dear Group,
It came to my attention that a Japanese-spec J9 with full options has
wandered into Europe by mistake....the higher powers within Toyota
decided that return shipping was too expensive, after which it spend
3 years in customs-depot....recently being freed by a car-dealer.
Zero miles, still mostly covered in plastic.
Not sure about engine, VZJ or KZJ, probably 90 3-door, not 95 5-door.
Any takers, or value estimates?
(current car-dealer doesn't really know what to do with it either,
any decent bid probably takes it, according to my source)
Willem (if it had to be a LHD-version, I'd rather take a Toyota that
doesn't exist as RHD at all, like a BB55 or BB58....and a BU297 even
if the steering wheel was in the middle (can't be picky when only 9
were made....;)) Jan
Willem-Jan Markerink
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