JB's breakdown



JB, sorry to hear about your problem but its not serious, just a case
of steady detective work - so a word for you .....
I have not seen that suggested in any of the other posts helping you.
You say you filled-up in the morning, and was it a regular supplier ?
But even if it was, there is always a chance that water has got into
the tank by virtue of the garage tank being almost empty and you get
some of the resident condensation from the forecourt tank. (Possible
if they do not inspect their in-line water trap regularly). I know
that sounds fanciful, but those of us that drive in rough areas and
funny countries encounter the problem regularly. So your filter may
be OK and it just needs draining of any water. Just cos the warning
light has not come on does not mean that there is none present.
ADDITIVE - don't question it, just keep on putting your bulk supply
of Millers Diesel Power Plus into the tank every fill. These
engines/pumps were designed prior to the introduction of low sulphur
fuel, don't trust the fuel - ever. I never ever fill with Tesco or
any other supermarket fuel. In fact its often the case that all the
garages nearest a Tesco are at the Tesco price in order to get any
business. Hence I buy Shell at the same price at either of two
garages near the store in two towns - but still always use Millers additive.
SPEED - don't take any notice about that. As you will recall, my 80
has spent nearly every working day mountain trekking, and then with
no more than a check of the tyre pressures early in the morning I
happily drove non-stop from Balkans to UK just cat napping on the
way. From the Bosnian/Croatian border through to the channel it is
motorway and keeping a steady speed up to 130 kmh I can even get low
fuel consumption with a soft right foot. Speed is no problem. (That
is 81.5 mph by the way).
Don't fret about it JB, just be methodical.
Tring, Herts
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - and for Reno's benefit, proud to be
a Campbell of Argyll - with two parents !


JB, a lot of quality help coming at you I see. I make no further
comment except ask another daft question. You have cracked-off one or
more of the injector pipe unions haven't you? You can do it at the
pump end as well as the injector. But if you do have water in the
pump as Craig suggests, then this may be all that you have to do for
now. No, Julian must have covered that in your chat.
Additive. Remember what Clive wrote, and remember the huge problems
he had a while ago with some poor fuel. Additive will not make any
difference to muck in your system if it came from elsewhere, and who
knows? The cleaning aspect of additive is aimed at gums resins
funguses and waxes that get deposited to the surfaces of tanks and
lines over time. I am sure they are all gone since you have been
using Millers for some time now.
Tesco fuel. I still don't trust it and here's why. My neighbour is a
designer of very high tech metering systems used in fuel refineries
and fuel depots. He told me how this all works. I prompted this when
I said that I saw Shell trucks offloading at a Morrisons supermarket,
so the fuel must be Shell then ?
He said that it would be a group delivery contract only, the
difference being at the filling point in the depot. The truck may
have 3 tanks for Morrisons and the remaining 4 tanks for Shell
forecourts but all with very different fuel. He says that the filling
pipes are computer controlled and that it is at the filler pipe head
that the fuel is finally mixed with an additive package. It is raw
diesel (or unleaded etc) up to the manifold above the truck, with a
small feeder pipe/s feeding additives into a cyclone through which
the fuel passes on its way under gravity to the truck. A computer
controls which additive mix goes into the fuel and at which ratio.
Although he is involved with designing the equipment he would never
say that the fuel that finds its way into the truck's supermarket
delivery tank has a different mix to that which goes into the
adjacent truck tank that goes to a branded forecourt ! (That is for
us to guess). I also heard similar about 15 years ago from a mate
who worked at the Killingholme refinery on Humberside.
Granny always said don't judge the contents of the tin by the label
on the side of the truck.
Wish you luck.
Tring, Herts
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - running on Shell with Millers additive still.


On 8/21/06, toyj80 <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Interesting observation. But supermarket fuels have been around for
many years now. Wouldn't motorists regularly using Tesco fuel have
found the difference because their cars perform worse or engines break
down more often? No one can supress such information :)
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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