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JB's oil change



JB wrote...
The guy I bought it from said I should change the filter and oil
after 500 miles. Now to me that seems quite a bit too much, after all the
oil is very expensive at =A376 for the 10 litres and I was always of the
opinon that you change the filter only after say the 500 miles but not the
Hey JB look at it this way.
You need a blood transfusion, the quack says, now
maester you can have the ordinary stuff , you
will feel right as ninepence and just like you
have always been when you walk out.
Or you can have this new super blood, does the
same job mind, but does it in a quality kind of
way and gets round the old passages and ports a
bit easier. So good that it will de-scale them a
bit, though just a tad at a time, but it will
accumulate quickly in the kidneys and in the
first 500 or so miles you will have to p***s it
out a bit more often. But then the super blood
will have done its job, you won't need new
kidneys but changing their element at 500 will be
a great help (its only about 12 euros after all).
If you do that then the super blood will be OK as
its got that added ingredient of 'quality' that the old stuff didn't ever have.
But remember, it may be super stuff but it ain't
gold plated, its like the old blood but keeps you
more perky for the same change period (puts lead
in your pencil so to say). So don't overdo it old
man, keep coming back as recommended and don't
try and extend your new super blood's life by
saving cash on transfusions, or you will be back
here flat on your back in the meat wagon one day.
Your lovely little body will not change, it will
still wear out, its just that the new blood will
put off the day that you start to feel knackered.
And anyway, you like coming in for the
transfusion so you can ogle that nurse in reception.
Does that make sense my friend?
I changed both my 80 and 4Runner to synthetic,
but I ran them both on semi-synthetic for a
change before the synth. My Pajero only runs on
semi synth. Maybe I am over cautious though.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia
Hey Jon C-W
Thanks for the medical check up, for a moment I thought you had got your
hands on my medical records. I am acumilating all the info from all sources
at the moment. I will have to think about where to store your responce, be
it in medical for JB or in the area of oil for the cruiser. I do get your
idea but I didn't think it was good to drink synthetic but if its better
than cod liver oil sure why not. Now thats me sorted what about the cruiser
Im getting all sorts of info which is great and in time ill make a decision
on whether to flush first then add or add first then change at 500 or some
other combination. I have picked up that the semi is only a bit better than
the mineral oil. This seems to be because even though the base stock in the
semi is better than in the normal mineral oil, it will still break down
sooner than the synthetic, which than contaminates the synthetic in is in,
then the whole lot breaks down.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT ireland
JB wrote...
Im getting all sorts of info which is great and in time ill make a decision
on whether to flush first then add or add first then change at 500 or some
other combination.
But JB you are just prolonging your own agony. If I was you I would
be more concerned about the potential meltdown of the wiring loom
leading to the ciggie socket.
You have read good advice here and also on the 80scool list. Using
flushing oil is best left to newish or recently overhauled engines,
its a risky business doing it on yours. Put the synth in with a new
filter and then put another filter on in about 500 miles, remembering
to top-up the oil that is lost in the removed filter. But don't then
try and extend oil change intervals. You know that the conventional
wisdom with keeping engines going is to change the oil more often
than recommended. And at Toy's prices for parts I would want to keep
mine intact for as long as possible, so the cost of oil - even synth
- is cheap in comparison. Like many of those in UK at least, I get it
changed at a High Street quick service place. Its far cheaper than
buying my own to change myself. Now get on with it my man and then
get on with that wiring.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia
Hey Jon C-W
Thanks for that. Your advice as always welcome and will be going around in
my head for a while today and for a while after that.
I am and have to acumilate all the info much like a Borg in star trek.
I am learing more and more about oils and their different specs and
qualities and what they do and how they break down and some are more stable
than others, etc etc etc.
I cant debate the wisdom of what you say god I wish I could because you know
much more than me, so I cant even go a first round YET.
This is really interesting I never knew oil could be so much fun other than
to see wrestlers covered in it.
All the different types, grades, specs, what they are made of, what is
added, extended drain, etc etc etc.
I have time on my side at the moment and intend to use it to satisfy my
curiosity about this.
Even synthetics are not all the same at all and have different shear and
molecular structures which will break down at different intervals and over
time. Any way ill go before I get a headache about this new info. It would
appear that the 54,000 on my engine is a good time to change as there is or
should be little build up inside.
It would also seem that the 1HDT engine is very good at combustion and
better than a lot out there, so does not leave a lot of soot or gunk left
Its like the old story about flow versus pressure, you need a bit of
pressure and a lot of flow to reach those parts, and yet some will think
pressure is more important than flow, or is it.
You can have an oil in there and if its not up to the job it makes no
difference how many times you change it, it is jsut not up to the job.
On the other hand you can have an oil in there that is very good at what it
does and so will not break down as soon and will protect when you need it
AH im going before I say something that I will regret cause its only early
days and im only a spring chicken.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland