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JB's woes etc



OK JB, pleased you appear bright eyed and bushy tailed now the PC is fixed.
GPS. You may be surprised which of your neighbours have one of these. Mine
is a Garmin 'Summit' model which is designed for climbers not motorists.
Guess why I have one of these whilst living in the Balkans ? So think who
might be a hill walker in your street - in a town on the edge of the great
Irish peat bog ;o)
GPS is only as accurate as the number of satellites it can 'see'. On the
opening page of the screen menu it tells you how many satellites it is in
contact with and the level of accuracy. If mine can see 4 or more
satellites clearly, it goes down to a claimed zero or 2 metre accuracy,
though more often 5 metre. But if it can only see 3 satellites its accuracy
goes to within 11 or as much as 19 metres if signals are weak. This
naturally has an effect on its accuracy calculating your speed, but still
very accurate though. So you can see that any woods or steep hills nearby
can restrict the number of satellites it can see - you see ?
Oils. We have been through this before. I use synthetic in the engine, but
frankly don't see any need for other than dyno oils in the transmission,
and your cruiser has a much easier life than mine. EP is good for gearbox
and transfer box. I told you before that hypoid oil is designed to stand
the ultimate squeezing pressure of gears, especially in an axle. This
happens when the pinion gear meets the diff crownwheel at any other angle
than 90 degrees. These days most beam axles have a pinion at such an angle
(hypoidoizal angle - phonetic spelling there!). But it does no harm in your
transfer box though. So for my transfer and gearboxes I use hypoid which is
necessary for the axles anyway. But remember I don't have an auto box.
Breathers. Remember I have had to ford real rivers twice a week in my work,
yet I have never extended the gearbox/transfer box breathers, and never had
a problem with water ingress. You have to be in really deep water to have
it near the top of the gearbox. I can understand the need of you are on the
Camel trophy and stuck in muddy bogs in the middle of the Amazon jungle and
have to winch yourself out. I would forget it till you go on that 'must do'
trek across South America. But the axles, yes do them. Don't be tempted to
use cheap plastic hose. Sounds like the fuel hose you have been offered is
the stuff with cotton fabric on the outside, and yes its far overpriced in
UK too. In Sarajevo I bought some 6mm Goodyear reinforced rubber fuel hose
which did not have the cotton fabric and it was a good price. I suggest you
look in the yellow pages for an industrial hose supplier on an industrial
estate, I bet they will supply the 10metres or so that you need at the
right price. I would not join them together either, you will only save at
most a metre if you run the front axle breather back alongside the engine
to meet the hose coming up from the rear. Joins also mean potential weak
spots when you go through some rough country where undergrowth is liable
to pull them apart. Don't be tempted to shove the new pipes through any
wiring grommets etc. Mr Toy takes great care to seal all wiring loom
entries into the cabin, so you will end-up destroying the sealing which is
meant to keep water out. Then you will end-up keeping water out of your
transmission and then letting it into the cabin. Objective defeated ! No,
take both up to the bulkhead somewhere under the windscreen and push in the
ends some of those cheapo in-line fuel filters. Julian has seen under my
bonnet and did not pass any distaff comments on my arrangement - did you
Julian ?
Snorkels. I don't have one and have never found water in that small trap at
the lower edge of the air filter on the engine side of the can (but its a
rare HZ engine remember). Our office 75 troopies all have snorkels, but
more for dust in the long hot mountain summers rather than the fording we
have to do. If I have never needed one, do you really need one? Or maybe
you are going in for the All-Ireland vehicular bog snorkelling championship
2005 ;o)
Guard plates. I wrote before that I have an 8mm ally plate under the front
of my Pajero, and believe me its tough. I have given it some hammer on
Salisbury Plain with no damage or denting, just scratches on it. It also
means its nice and light to take off when the need arises. I have faith in
these thick ally plates. But I have no protection on my 80, and that is the
truck that goes through the rough stuff, especially loose rocks on the
mountain tracks. Again, out in an 'industry' that relies on 4X4's we rarely
see such extras on vehicles that have to tackle rough terrain every day.
What is necessary and what is an affectation one might ask?
Nice to see you are spending less on the spanner men these days, with all
the accessories you are buying your racehorses must be doing well.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ 80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - Julian, remember that Harper Adams
training now. Bucket of hot water, bar of soap, two thin white cotton ropes
with spliced loop at one end, and a 5 bar gate nearby to aid leverage if
necessary. Good Luck.


Hey Jon C-W
Thanks for the long and detailed reply you are always very straight and to
the point. Sorry for the delay in replying but the e-mail seemed to have got
to me later, some bugs still in the system me thinks. Amyway I know what
you mean about want verses need and I am always keeping this in mind when I
do anything to the cruiser. I talk about a lot of stuff for the cruiser and
search for the best price but still only manage to get a few of the things I
talk about and have to wait from one month to the other to get them. So no
more slaging about the horses or I will get my butler to go over there and
put a hole in your 200 foot pleasure yacht..
My neighbours are too busy working to know anything about GPS I might as
well be talking about the inner workings of the MRI scanner or the jet
engine, now dont tell me you know about that aswell. Hey know I know about
the GPS I want one of those too Na only messing that can wait for a good
Now I know you were trying to get too tecnical with me about the gears and
the oil but I do get the message, about time says you. All I can find here
is the 80 w90 gear oil which is what every one seems to sell here. I will
get the hypoid some where and then ill be happy for a minute or so. I did
get semi synthetic for the transfere case but I have a small stock of 80w
90 so will have to run out of this first.
The breathers I will get the good hose and not join them and not put them
through the holes Toy made for the electics.
I have found muddy water in that little trap today from that straight drop
into into the muddy water I think , it did go over the bonnet but I thought
after seeing all the other vehicles some smaller than my cruiser, that it
has to be Ok., see its my luck I keep telling all of you, if its going to
happen it will happen to me. So I will be fitting a snorkel ASAP because its
a lot cheaper to do that then to buy a new head. If water got in it will
again Right. I will invest in a some under body armour as well but maybe
next month. I am actually enjoying doing more and more myself on the
cruiser.I have to go know the maid from Sweden just filled my bath, I wish.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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