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Judder from transfer/gearbox?


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Jul 15, 2014
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Hi Guys, its been a while and thats because my 120 has been running like a dream with a little TLC!
Alas thats where the dream ended!
I am getting a judder from what i think is the transfer box, this only occurs between 1000 and 1500 rpm, its most prominent when driving on the flat at 40mph and just tickling the accelerator, i have also noticed it around 30 and 50mph in the same situation with same rev bracket.
If I had to liken it to anything its like when a wheel spins and is between gripping and slipping, a bit like climbing dry rock thats a little too steep, same type of judder but no where near as bad. definitely a judder and not vibration.
So far i have tried disconnecting the front drive shaft and drove it with centre diff lock on, same result
Tried it with front on and back off with same result.
Checked all bushes and mountings and nothing amiss, 160k on the clock and thats been an easy 160k with no abuse (not done any rock climbing in this one!)
The vibration has been getting worse over the last 3 months but only slightly, it feels like it is through the whole body

My dilemma is where to go next as this leads to transfer or gearbox but cannot think of any way to differentiate?
One option is to wait until it fails or as close too as possible but this can have far reaching consequences especially in gearbox/transfer

At this point my next thought would be an overhaul of the transfer box, its the kind of problem that will be obvious once its found i guess.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

P.S. 5 speed auto with electric centre diff lock