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  • Hi Simon could you let me have a copy of the manual as well.
    Best regards
    Hi Simon, would you be able to share the J120 Manual with me? Cant seem to find where to send PM's on this site.....
    yes an LC120 would make it up most of the lanes with decent tyres, and underbody protection - otherwise the factory sump guard will be dented a lot
    side steps may also take a hammering, but i have done all the harder lanes in hilux now, without rocksliders and siide steps got pushed up a bit

    only tend to go through shallow rivers these days, have been through water 1m deep (had a snorkel) and no water got in vehicle - i imagine if we had stopped in the water it would have done eventually

    used a winch twice in several years on greenlanes.
    one time i could have used a jack to lift rear end of vehcile, as diff was beached on a rock. but it was raining so winch was quicker!
    the other time, waffleboards would have sufficed i think

    hmmm trying to remember if we have ever backtracked... i dont think so. but i have often done research before a trip and avoided lanes that have become more tricky or driven them in easier direction

    sorry for delay in repling!

    hi Simon

    sorry only just seen notification for your message - normally use ipad and tapatalk to read the forum and i didnt see notificaiton, on pc now

    to find the lanes I use an OS 1:500000 scale map which shows byways marked on it. I also check on the lake district national park website which has maps and tells you whaich lanes are still open, as some marked on OS map as lanes are now closed to vehicles.


    and i think this one had the maps and details, but link is being slow to open

    part2 to follow
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