Just had my a/c serviced, and would recommend the chap



My air-conditioning was still working - sort of, but bubbles in the sight glass and sighing noises from the evaporator suggested it was time for a regas.

So I've just had it done by the same bloke who did it the last two times, and I would recommend him highly:

- knows his stuff generally,
- is an ex-Toyota mechanic so knows the ins & outs of these beasts
- is not a rip-off: =A350 all in to check, dry out & refill the refrigerant circuit; & also de-mustify (or whatever the technical word is) the ventilation system.

For those in the South West of the UK his name is Rob Lane, based in Honiton but mobile, and his tel no is 01404 47903 / 07754 795853

Christopher Bell
Devon, UK
1996 1HD-FT
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