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KZJ78 front axle snap ring fit issues....


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Apr 6, 2021
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I threw my 1994 KZJ78 up on the lift to check out some turning radius noises and found the left wheel bearing loose with play in the wheel. Pulled the hub lockers off, snap ring, and several other layers of parts and retorqued the axle nut. Reassembly went fine until the snap ring which I could not get to drop down in the groove all the way. I've read a few things about various thickness of snap rings. Is this where this applies? It was fitting fine before so why now? I have a welding/machine shop so I fabricated a little axle puller but no help. Super frustrated. Most forums say to replace the snap ring too. Plus any other forum has pictures and instructions of the other style of axle/hub assembly. Also when should the wheel bearings be replaced? I have 331K on my Prado and no real 4x4 action. Mostly city and daily driver. Cheers!