Land Cruiser 200 Truck

chapel gate

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I am in england
May 26, 2014
near, leek staffs.
Just a new member. Stephen. Stretched 2020 VX
got lots of questions (and whinges) to come. Will be travelling Brisbane to Adelaide 22 June 22nd
you buy a 100k motor then cut it in half. fair play. :)

two foot stretch?

how does it effect handling/break over angle?
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I am in australia
Jun 13, 2020
I have only had the car for 3 weeks now (8 month from time of order till finally getting my bum in the seat), so still trying work things out. Too much technology, some good, some really bad. When go into the touch screen, then to keep scrolling through to find what menu icon is hiding what you are looking for is a (bloody) pain. Will probably get easier when you know where to go, Ooh for a simple on/off switch :fearscream: .
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