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Land Cruiser 80 New Owner Questions


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Mar 10, 2014
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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a '94 LC 80 GX. I bought this vehicle as a family car, as my others can not carry 7 passengers (wife, three kids, two nannies). I figure that it is a cool vehicle now, and as I still love the 40, 55, and 60 Series, I'll still find it cool in 20 years. I've been living in Subic Bay, Philippines for about 7 years now, and am now married with children. I chose the GX over a VX, as I believe that the barn doors would allow easier ingress and egress than the tailgate model (I have never seen a VX in the Philippines with barn doors).

Here are my initial questions:

1, Do I need the rear A/C? I am in the Philippines and it does get hot, Africa hot! I have an opportunity to purchase a brand new third row A/C unit for about $800. Is this a good price?

2, Has anyone tried fitting rear bench seats to a LC 80? I think I'll need to have them made locally, but just curious if anyone has any experience with these, or ideas. The forward facing seats that came as the third row stock seating appear impractical for daily usage (folding a seat just to get to the other seat, etc).

3, Does anyone have, or know where I can find a left hand drive original dashboard?

I have read about the problems with the connecting rod bearings and have had them changed. I am having everything gone through from suspension, brakes, larger radiator, head gasket, timing, and the head rebuilt, etc. It is a diesel model -- my first.

Any suggestions or help would be very appreciated.


Cyril Means