Landcruiser info again - LRFT and fuel availability in l'Afrique



Well, you know me, get yourself a LRFT, they are EXTREMELY useful,
many of the garages that sell fuel run out by late morning and its worth
bearing in mind the distances between fuel 'stores'. Us lot (desert
nerds) have been known to approach the oil production companies
themselves on site (Algeria), as they sometimes will offer a couple of
barrels for a few dinar to us. Its not generally 'kosher' to do this
but if there is a seriously desprate need they might help out, but don't
expect to go up to them and ask for a few barrels if you've just been to
a garage and they're dry - they don't take kindly to this.
>>> [Email address removed] 03/22/05 05:04pm >>>
On 22/3/05 16:57, "Julian Voelcker" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
> As far as I know all UK VXs came with leather as standard, however
> import VXs came with cloth as standard with leather as an option.
> --
Mine is '93 jap import VX. It had the camping kit in the boot, now
of, and has a mock suede/alcantara seat trim. The driver's seat also
electric and manual lumbar support adjust. The rear seats split 50-50
both have centre armrests.
HDJ81 + OME shocks & springs, ARB with space for a winch, AT oil
plus other desert stuff... But no LRFT or snorkel.
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: 07831 458 793
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