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LandRovers are - Cheap unReliable And underPowered



HI Dave,

I also have a Toy Hilux 4X4. It has never had a major component
replaced, regularly goes in the sea up to rear bed floor.
Is used as a work vehicle on a daily basis. Regularly has the best part
of a ton placed in it and driven on long journeys. Is used to recover
our other vehicles when they breakdown (Transit flat beds, Loaded). Oh
yes it=92s a B reg (20 years old!) and has 330K miles on the clock, and is
I paid =A34000 for it in 1990 (with 50k), do you think you I=92ve had my
monies worth ? :)


P.s I=92ve got to buy a new Carb for it now. I=92ll think I=92ll complain to
Toyota ;-)))