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LC's for sale - again



Renate wrote..
WAH! I'll have to come and 'view' them....
Then she couldn't stop herself and wrote again...
You haven't stated the price for the two white 80s - can you give me an
idea about the cost of these? I'm interested enough to come and see
them, but would also like a picture of one of them before, if you can
Renate, when you have seen one you have seen them all. A picture of the
thing standing in a car park will tell you nothing. But if I have time this
week-end I might get down there and take a picture. As for price, I told
you they were for sale on a sealed bid. That is why I gave you a phone
number cos Vedo will tell you what price they have made in the past. I
could arrange a mechanical inspection by my one-man-band Toy man which will
cost you 75 quid for a day for 3 TLC's. Then his report will have to be
translated at about the same cost. Although we are a moslem city we also
celebrate Easter, so no chance of getting any more info till Tuesday. But
its your call.
Who is Toy ?
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - Should hunting discussions not be on
some other list and not to do with Toyota's? Funny though that the foxes
have been banned - do they know? - are they allowed out of their earths?
Will they have a protest march in central London complaining that they have
been banned? I would have thought they would want humans banned, but maybe
its me. Out here its the war criminals that are in season at the moment, 2
a week flying to the Hague. But I will stick to Toyotas.