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leaving cruiser on drive



Hi Guys
Just wondered if anyone can advise on a few things regarding leaving the cruiser lieing up for a period of time.
If the cruiser is left parked for a good while should any safety or preventive measures be used to keep it well.
Stuff like should you leave as is and start every week to operating temp then rev for a while.???
Should you drain the engine oil or leave full and not start it.???
If you leave oil in the engine should it be mineral or synthetic (pros and cons) apart from the price of course.???
Will mineral last in the sump as long as the synthetic oil will whether you start it or not every now and again.???
Should you leave batteries out untill you are ready to use it again no matter how long this is.???
If so how do you store batteries for a long period of time.???
Should the AT box/ axels transfere case be left full or empty, pros and cons.???
Should the underbody be sprayed with oil or something to keep it from rusting.???
Should a sheet be placed on the driveway to prevent moisture from rising or would be be counter productive.???
Would mindew grow on all the interier surfaces including seats.???
Should a window be left a little open to let moisture out of the cab or will this let moisture in.???
Is there a product that should be used to keep the paint work protected.???
Will the electrics be effected in anyway by leaving it standing.???
Any other conciderations please let me know.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT