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On 31/5/05 14:16, "Roman" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Definitely Morocco and Mauritania and want to get to Mali but not keen on
going via Senegal as there are countless tales of border problems and
demands for 'cadeau'. Would also like to get into Algeria but haven't worked
out the best way of doing it yet. So, plans a little fluid at the moment.
All we know is that we have 3 months. I would like to do more to the car but
as it stands it is ready, apart from a final oil change and a check over,
new filters etc. Always so much I would like to do to this car...
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones


Sounds like the dream trip I have always wanted to do. If only I could
persuade Mrs H to let me go.... There No chance she would join me as she has
a proper job and so would have to do it on my own. Still it cost nothing to
The engine is the 93/4 tlc turbo 4.2 ltr diesel. I could not believe that a
simple .10p fuse could have averted so much cost. Reported it to Toy and
they had no interest as it is an issue they have no control over. I guess
this is a fair comment?? Re the insurance people all I can say is that it
is a licence to print money for the insurers and the garages. Put it this
way the guy that resprayed her is a millionaire several times over, only
does insurance work, and admits his work is crap and guess what? He was not
Simon Hughes


On 5/31/05, Simon Hughes <[Email address removed]> wrote:
t a
I've read a report about a couple of '78 series in Oz burning down due
to a 50A fusible link happily smouldering at +100A :)
My opinion about LC electrics (Denso) is that is slightly above
average but not much different than most Japanese cars. Some things
are definitely a letdown straight from the drawing board, like window
motors, driver door switch console & door lock ECU. My point is that
if 95% of the electrics made in a 1992 still works in 2005, it can't
be that bad
I know. I had one of those wizzards do an insurance repair on a
wheelarch flare. A 12 year old with two left hands and a grudge
against the world would do a better job. The job was worth ca 50 quid,
took them a week to finish and the courtessy car I was offered free
during that time was charged to the other party's insurance account at
=A3160 per day.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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