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LJ 78 Suspension /CV.



Help or advice please.
My 93 LJ78 look low on the suspension at the front,has a tendancy
to "crash"over speed bumps and pot holes,furthermore the the sport
mode switch fails to enhance the handling.I suspecct the front dampers
to be the problem however it is feasible that the front springs could
be tired...any idea of ride heights anyone?I called Frogs Island they only
do Old Man Emu nitro @ =A369 ea + vat.I think gas shocks would help
but that's a lot of money to spend especially when the list recently
had someone rate them low.Suggestions please.
When backing onto my drive (fairly tight on full lock)
I heard a clicking noise briefly would this have been the CV joint ?
I assumed it was and decided to remove the square headed bung
on the hubs and injected approx 150ml cv joint grease in until I am
able to commence repairs ,is this ok?What are the reccomendations
regarding service/replacement whilst doing the job.
Recently some one wrote to the list about big lifts on Landcruisers,
LA Supertrucks and I assume Nigel Morris.My advice to you sir is
to ask for references, especially those who have had the same or
very similar to what you wish to have done to your vehicle.Then
if possible contact them for an appraisal parts,work,service,
performance,handling,use,drive,problems raised,expectations,etc.
I suggest this following my experiences with my Toyota Hilux
over 10 years of work and modification .
Julian you last wrote in Sept asking about the size of the heat
exchanger to generate hot water for expedition sanitation.Sorry
it has taken a while to respond but I now have got the items I
bought.Sizes and description as follows, stepped diameter
alloy tube to suit 16/19mm heater hose by135mm long.A 5mm
OD alloy pipe has then wrapped about the centre section to
allow heat transferbetween the two.Paperwork has warning
of temperature generation of up to 80C.A boat bilge pump
could continually cycle the domestic hot water if it could
handle the temperature.