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Lj70 1990 bundera rear exhaust wanted


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Dec 7, 2021
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I have a round headlight 1990 lj70 with the 2.4 2-LT motor, has anyone got a usable rear exhaust knocking about, I am having trouble finding one in the UK.

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Yeah, tried all of them, no stock or not the correct one....
Might not be a practical solution, but a possibility, - years ago I bought one for my lwb 78, when it turned up it was for swb 70.
As the right one wasn't available, I came to an arrangement with seller, and had it fettled/ extended. Could the reverse apply, get one for a 78 and fettle/shorten it ?
There's a guy on some of the other landcruiser fbook sites called Nayab Akbar. Toyota landcruiser source uk Ireland and Europe is the one he moderates. He brings cruiser parts in from Pakistan via a Birmingham depot. He supplies original Toyota used parts with zero rust. He is very highly respected by everyone who has used him. Look him up he should be able to help.However obviously parts are not bargain basement prices due to shipping but not ridiculous prices either. Other options in uk may be a guy known as gran in Halifax. He breaks a few older cruisers. Could also try Karl Webster on here. I know he had a 70 a while back.
Hi gav.
Thanks mate, I'll chase a couple of those options up...
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