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Lj70 2.4 Td brake fluid leak

Lj70 scramble

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Apr 29, 2023
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Hi in the process of putting my lj70 2.4 on the road for summer after a years hibernation. I noticed I am losing some brake fluid which is leaving fluid trail on the inside of my left front tyre. I have checked the brake pipes and can’t spot any leaks. However The nuts at the bottom of the knuckle are wet with the fluid. Any idea what’s causing this ?

Thanks in advance
Have someone press the brake pedal and get in there with a torch to see if you can find anymore clues - its likely either a pipe, a Flexi a union or a piston / caliper so check them all closely
Are you sure it's brake fluid and not oil from the axle leaking from the birf seal ?
Yeh definitely brake fluid, had to top up the reservoir. Will try taking a picture. Not taken off the callipers yet. Will attempt to do so and check the pistons. Cheers
Am in the process of buying new batteries for it. It’s got 2 batteries do I need both or can I get away with 1?
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