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Long term vehicle storage options in Namibia


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Jun 13, 2023
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When our Troopy conversion is done, the plan was to keep the vehicle in South Africa and do yearly trips until we retire and can do multi-month journeys. Joburg was the logical place being close to all the great safari destinations. I found a couple of options with what looked like good security and decent pricing but we weren't that crazy starting our trips in Johannesburg, getting provisions, etc. Since our first rental self-drive was in Namibia, I checked with our insurance company and they didn't care if we stored the vehicle in South Africa or Namibia.

Since flights from Joburg to Windhoek are aplenty and relatively inexpensive, Namibia became a good option for storing our Troopy; especially since it's a similar distance from Maun as is Joburg. Even though SA is closer to Zambia & Zimbabwe, Namibia has its own attractions worthy of consideration. Plus the climate in Windhoek should be very easy on the vehicle while in storage.

Has anyone here had experience storing their vehicle in any of the places below? Any strong likes or dislikes?

Hunters Home Vehicle Storage | KG Sand & Stone - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
Langzeitparken – in Namibia für Overlander Fahrzeuge - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
The Airport Hunting and Guest Farm in Namibia : Vehicle Shelter - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
Long term vehicle parking between Windhoek and International Airport - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

There are several others, but the ones above looked the most promising ... at least online.
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We store our Trooper at Gluecksland, owner Marcus Batz, near the airport
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Not used any yet but in the plans. thanks for sharing the info.
We store our Trooper at Gluecksland, owner Marcus Batz, near the airport
That's good to hear Super Trooper ... I liked his website the most. Has it been a good experience so far? Are the new storage facilities enclosed or just roofed over but open to the elements otherwise?

I've since found out that many of the other vehicle storage places are part of, or connected to, game / hunting reserves and that's a non-starter as far as my wife is concerned. And even if I would consider them, it's not an argument worth having.

Btw, I checked out your profile seeing the picture of your Troopy ... good luck with your conversion. Btw, the image in your profile is Alu-Innovation's Kronos top, not the Alu-Cab. You can tell by the angled front. Kronos is what was recommended to us by Paul Marsh. It maintains the Troopy's lines and provides more headroom when closed, and allows for a thicker mattress.
Friend of mine has been using this place for about 5years and rated it highly. It’s near the airport.

I emailed them because they have very little information on their website, and no pictures. They responded very quickly and provided a lot of useful information, including import permits for vehicles registered in SA, as well as options to register the vehicle in Namibia. They were very forthcoming. Nice to hear that your friend has had a good long term experience with them.

A member of another 4x4 forum recommended KGSS/Hunters Home, but like I mentioned above, anything to do with hunting is a non-starter with my wife and a hornet's nest best left alone.
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It is the first Year we store our car there, so far so good, Marcus is very helpfull
The storage is indoor and Marcus is busy with a second building at the moment
The sheds for storage you can't see it from the road, that's a good thing as well
Our Trooper is in Cape Town for conversion at the moment, in January I will transfer our Trooper back to Windhoek
The Trooper on the picture is not ours but of a friend of mine, and was used as example for our trooper, I will change the picture now
We have choosen the Alu-cab conversion though
Good luck with your conversion too and maybe we will meet you in the Futur

regards from Belgium
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