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Low level rooflight bar for my 95.


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Nov 27, 2010
Bought this for my truck.

Has 4 light points and an aerial mounting point.

Its from an engineering company and is very solid!


Going to fit 4 led lamps and a cb aerial.
I looked at a stainless steel bar like that for mine on ebay, be interested to see another pic once you've got your lamps fitted
Normal snail like progress, but ive now fitted a springer cb aerial to the central mounting point.


Need to get the cable inside, but it looks better than the magmount. Need to check the groundplane is ok and swr it in, would like it a bit shorter if poss.
I'm always concerned about exposing roof mounted lights to tree branches and the like. Many of my trails are overgrown with overhanging branches. I could mount a light bar between the two horizontal ARB rack horizontals, but it would have to be set back a little to offer better protection.

I'm sure if I had a snorkel, I'd end up ripping it off :lol: Anyway, rarely do any wading at depth, so that's not a likely mod for me.

Nice looking bar though, neat and tidy :thumbup:
Ive had to put cable ties around the whip base, its so springy I'm going to take someones eye out!

Truck is starting to look more 'off-road'.
Put it on the swr meter today, taken 150mm off top and its bang on.

Got rid of magmount, truck def starting to look tidier.
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Got the lights rigged up to check them, look forward to darkness!
How have you got the wires inside the car? at a guess you have drilled the roof gulp!

No need to drill holes.

I brought the wires down alongside the snorkel, using some flexible conduit, then ran them into the engine bay through a panel gap.

If you dont have a snorkel, run them down the lip on the doorframe, then through the panel gap (photo shows my cb aerial) and either in to car or in to engine bay.