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Luck sod....


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Feb 24, 2010
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An oldie but alway good to watch...

How did it ricochet? Assuming he shot something pretty far away (a fool to shot anything at arms reach)
What would cause it to ricochet like that. I would have thought round and target you disintegrate.
Must have hit something hard behind the target, or even the target frame if it was hard enough. Chances are the bullet hit a rock and came winging back... Scary stuff!
The .50cal is a military round so the bullet may well have been a FMJ/solid but very few bullets completely disintegrate unless they're very fragile. .50 cal is serious stuff - getting hit with one of those would certainly spoil your day :twisted:
The saying holds true that "there is no such thing as cover from 50 cal"

Very lucky man.
Sound like he's shooting at a steel plate. Did you see the round bounce off the floor in front of him? Rounds cannot come straight back, they have to loop or bounce off several things. It may be that they had made a bullet catcher and it went round inside and back out. I have a picture of a .223 ricochet on our range using tracer. Tell me how to post it and I'll stick it on. It's worth seeing. In slow mo too!

Dang! Not very many safe places when bullets are flying around...

ot question:
why don't folk use the youtube button above here? click on the button, insert the youtube code. For Chris's it's SOI4ElbS5PE
Simples ;)
I'll go away now...
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go back to your wine ;)

[ youtube ] SOI4ElbS5PE[ /youtube ]
[youtube:3od5ep5m] SOI4ElbS5PE[/youtube:3od5ep5m]
You mean you back to your whining, don't you. Blooming know it alls. ;) Go on delete my post, I dare you. Ha ha ha.

Delete your post?!?!?
Imagine we did stuff like that here.

OT: I was actually thinking today how the ebay addicts section is one of the busiest and for no-ones personal commercial gain. It has been a good thing :evil:
Are you sure it's not full of people advertising their own items and then coming on here bumping up the price? Or would that just be paranoia?
How may people have we had flooding in placing commercial adverts for free then - I mean in rough numbers?

I agree, it's have been really useful and certainly in terms of marrying people up with good motors. And talk about helpful in terms of viewing them, spotting issues that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. It's almost as though this forum is run for the benefit of the members.

:idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:


Right get back on topic now or you lot are banned!
I like think we are all abiding from an unwritten common code of practice.

I like to think we are all in this to benefit each other, and if some thing comes up on Eblag, then it's passed fro every one to have as look at.