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Making progress with the 60 series.


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Nov 19, 2010
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Having sold the 60 ( for the second time) a couple of weeks ago and creating a space in my house garage I thought it was about time I put something else there to tinker with.
About 10-11 years ago I bought a 61 auto from Wales with a years test. It was solidish and there were some minorish corrosion issues around the front wings area which had seen some bridging filler to help out.
I ran it as a daily driver for the year and it was a hoot, went very well ( didn't look much) and I really liked it in auto form. After the test ran out I was distracted by something else and put it in dry storage. About 8 years ago it went into a garage down the village and I rarely saw it again.
Fast forward to this Sunday I thought I'd bring it back home and decide its future. The "A" plan was to take the engine and auto box out and put it into my rust free high roof 60 which is also an auto and make effectively a mint 61 and keep it for spares.
Put batteries on and it started and ran second attempt, coughed first go but was there five seconds later, was I surprised? no, but it stank the place out with the ancient diesel.
Having assessed it when back home I thought breaking it up wasn't the best idea. All it needed was a better front panel, a pair of inner and outer front wings, a good set of doors and a bottom tailgate, which I have all to hand. From the bulkhead back its pretty solid, sills inner and outer both solid and not needing attention, rear wings and arches good too. Roof needs minor attention in a couple of places but its minor.
So today stripdown started. With help from my friend Bott the heat I got this far, and not one snapped bolt!!





It will be noticed that the front of the chassis has been modified and will have to modified back to accept a standard bumper. Fortunately I have a spare chassis to chop the front off and bring it back to standard.
I've got the 60 bit between my teeth now so progress should be decent now ( if I've got this far in a day).
Looking forward to watching the progress. Keep us posted.

There's no doubt the turbo makes a big difference. You don't have to fear hills, lol
I've had a few variations of aftermarket turbo installations on 2H engines and they go very well without any ill effects to the engine. I'll be fitting my Turbo Technics unit to my other auto 60.
Great build Andy. You've opened my eyes to the 60 series now. Really starting to appreciate them.
Nice one.
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That looks awesome Andy. Nice job and looking forward to seeing what you do with this one
A bit further, Rad removed to be replaced with a better one and both belts replaced.



I try to keep having any spare time on this whilst re assembling another one soon to be sold.
Great to see you start this Andy. Looking forward to the progress updates
Hi Andy will you take £500 for the engine thanks Tony and can you tell me where have you got the new belts from all the best Tony.
Hi Andy will you take £500 for the engine
Yep Tony, £500 seems a good offer for a perfect 12h-T engine, thanks for that. Since we're mates I'll chuck in that very low mileage 5 spd 60 box in with the deal, ( said nobody ever :D)

BTW I won't tell you where I got the belts from with a derisory offer for the engine................

But I've got some spare I'll bring bring for you to the next meeting ( Friend )
That is excellent and the gearbox I am so pleased I can not wait wot a great friend.