Did you ever pursue the bulk purchase of manuals for these
vehicles? Thanks.
Regards, Clive.
HDJ81-currently off road, properly.


Sorry, not yet, distracted by Christmas.
I'll try to sort something next week.
Home: 01285 821 712
Office: 01285 821 910
Mobile: 07971 540 362


Hy all,
This is an open message to Julian. I've seen some thread about workshop
manuals for cruisers on the ELCO list, but for various reasons did not
previously respond to it.
If there is any chance of a manual for the 1HD FT. (24 valve diesel) I
would be very interested in getting hold of one.
As far as I know, these are now out of print and cannot be obtained from
main dealerships.If anyone knows better, or knows where one of these can be
obtained, either in book form or on disc (Windows XP) I would be obliged.
If anyone is interested, and for Julians records, I have the GENUINE Toyota
workshop manuals for :-
1980 2F, engine repair manual.
1980 Land Cruiser FJ4_,*6_,BJ4_,*6_ HJ4_, *6_
Chassis & Body Manual.
1988 2L, 3L Engine repair manual.
1988 Hilux Chassis & Body repair Manual.
Also, various Haynes / Gregorys publications for cruisers
from years 1968 onwards.
I don't have a scanner, and as some of these are like a N.Y. phone
directory, please don't ask me for a copy of the whole book.
However, if I can help with info from any of the above, please contact me
thro' the ELCO list.
Mik Kenney (Cruisermik).
T.L.C.A. Member (Last 8 Years).
82 FJ 40 Series, Australian Spec. 'Swagman' Undergoing Serious Mods.
97 80 Series 1HD FT. 'Abe' 2" O.M.E. And Further Plans.
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