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Hello all
Been away and just catching up. Julian, sorry to hear about events at home,
and hope all resolves. Just wanted to confirm that I would like to be
included on the list for the manuals. I would also like to get a copy of the
CDs you have copied but as a Mac user, they may not perform on my
Should be getting my car back any day soon. I wanted to use Koni shocks with
OME springs but the two are sadly not compatible as the increased ride
height of the springs is too long for the shocks. So gone for OME shocks and
would like to hear more about how they perform. Having said that, shocks for
desert, rocks, corrugations etc are just consumables really as they take a
real pounding. Once I get the car back I'll look into how to organise and
build storage in the back.
Hope the rebuild is going well Roman.
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: 07831 458 793