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Meet My New (to me) 2002 LC100 Amazon , Prepped for Overlanding


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Jun 8, 2020
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Hi all,

I recently purchased this Land Cruiser from a chap in County Durham, their plans were to travel around Africa last year however they weren't able to do this trip due to issues releasing their car in Egypt. They ended up cruising around Europe with the car instead but obviously they were upset to have missed the intended trip. I found the car on FB Marketplace and travelled up from London to County Durham at the weekend and purchased it with the intention to do a few more tweaks and get it ready for a longer trip from the UK to South East Asia next year.

It needs some love on the underbody as there's a little more rust than I hoped, a proper service and I also need to get to know the car and get clued up on the workings of a Land Cruiser.

But I'm massively excited either way! I've been consumed with googling mods and tweaks that I want to do already. I'll make sure to start a few threads on these topics to help people out.

Your name: Mital Mistry
Your Cruiser: 2002 LC100 Amazon, 206000miles
Mods on your Cruiser: Custom front bumper, Goodwinch winch, OME suspension, Safari Snorkel, Front Runner slimline roof rack, Tuff Trek Roof Tent and Awning, BFG ATs.
Plans for your Cruiser: We are planning on an Overland trip from the UK to Asia and so have a few tweaks on the setup to get it ready for the trip, currently we are looking to add a leisure battery system and some streamlined/secure storage within.
4x4 Experience: None, looking forward doing some formal training, getting involved with the forums and hopefully joining a few UK meetups!
Anything else you think is interesting or relevant: I've sat in many Land Cruisers over the years, weirdly enough I feel like they all have a similar but distinct smell, or is it just me...?


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Hello Mital & welcome aboard .I might be wrong but that looks like a rare colour for a 100 but it goes well.Great introduction , make sure you keep us all up to date but with plenty of photos.
I didn't realise it was a rare colour! Good to know! :)
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