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Meet or chat with other Travellers abroad


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Sep 18, 2012

In the distant foreign country it would be nice to see which traveler is also nearby. Be it to chat briefly about the easiest border crossing, security situation, visa situation or just to have a beer together and spend a sociable evening.

Something like that is missing, discovered two travelers on their tour in the Stans and Iran and after their trip they developed the appropriate app: Travelers Map (iOS; Android)

In times of the ever-extensive mobile Internet with 3G / 4G - you might find support in the event of a breakdown or similar.

In the app itself, after creating the account, you will be displayed rather imprecisely, in a 10km radius (not centered on you), for your own safety and so that your camp does not increase unintentionally. The app only activates the GPS briefly every 3 hours and is therefore not particularly power hungry.

If you record each other as favorites, you can also share the location more precisely.

Currently, more Vanlife users seem to be using the whole thing, most users are in France, Germany and Switzerland - but the app is also brand new. But you can tag you too as biker, and too looking just for these.

Click here for the review: Vanlife / Overlanding - andere Reisende treffen - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

There is a translate Button to the right.

As soon as it gets more remote, outside the travel season, in distant countries, whether I'm traveling alone or with my girlfriend - something like that was really missing - and we will certainly use the app on the next long-term trip (Silk Road) from time to time. After 15 days of living remotely, it is nice to find a come together with other people.

Looking at the currents Users till know, such a App seems to be needed too in our homecountry to easily connect. Probably also use it for dating I guess, at least the solo travellers.

A brilliant idea for an app! We I had not the idea bevore?