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Messy oil change on HDJ80



I use a plastic bag that I put over the oil filter, unscrew the filter (with
bag over it) and all the oil drips in the bag. It even keeps your hands
somewhat clean. Fully draining the engine oil first helps the leaking after
the filter has been removed.
On 3/26/06, Reno Lamb <[Email address removed]> wrote:
> I just changed oil and filter yesterday for the first time since I bought
> my 80. The location of the oil filter seems problematic to me. A lot of
> oil spills out on the side of the block etc. I tried punching a hole in the
> filter to let it drain out some before I removed it, but that didn't help
> much. So I have a bit of cleanup to do now.
> Has anybody come up with a solution for cleaner filter changing? Sure, a
> filter relocation kit would do the trick too.
> thx//Ceferino "Reno" Lamb
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