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Missing alternator! Suggested replacement?


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Dec 18, 2023
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Putting this out there as not having much on the quest for a replacement alternator for my 60. I've tried putting the part number 27020-68150 into google and trawled eBay as well as trying to contact Rotating Solutions (no response yet), Robson and Francis (will recondition one if I find it) also tried Steven Eagell St. Albans as that was mentioned in the forum.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a compatible alternative? Those that I have seen like this one don't have the part number 27020-68150 as a part number cross reference. If anyone has any leads to give me a steer in that right direction that would be much appreciated!
Hello 89Cruiser, had the same aggro finding a new alternator for my 60 and getting the existing one rebuilt. Presume it’s a 24V one? They have internal or external voltage regulators ( your is probably internal being 1989 ) and will probably have a vacuum pump mounted on the rear.
I would try Cruiserworld in Holland. I think they have all variations in stock now although £££ Lots!
Thanks Ben, think I may have something sorted! Going to try and organise all the lose parts over the next couple of weeks to get a grip on everything that is missing. Got a feeling it’s going to be a long list…
There’s a fella in Bradford called gran I’ll whatsap him and ask him if he has one
He’s checking in the morning and I’ll get back to you tomorrow
Here you go one here £120 incl postage


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Got a free afternoon so I’m just getting round to fitting the alternator (Thanks Hemi).

Linked it up as think it goes but the thread (by my index finger) seems pretty tight. Not wanting to mess things up so just double checking here if I’m on the right track with it.
Any help much appreciated!


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