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Missing my FJ73... want to find a new 'Cruiser

Paddler Ed

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Aug 1, 2012
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Been lurking over on the UK LandCruiser forum, but have now found this one that seems a bit more active.

I've just returned to the UK after 2 yrs in Australia where I was running a 1986 FJ73 FRP poverty spec 'Cruiser. Used it as my every day car, and a bit of touring in it.

Was hoping to stay out for a lot longer, so spent the time finding a good one, but in the end visa stuff didn't quite work so we've had to come back after making the hard decision to sell the FJ73 before we left.... it nearly came back but a 4.0 carby engine was not going to be the most practical ever in the UK, esp as it ran best on 98!!!

Here's some pics of it when we first got it:




May 1986 Built, 138,000km when we got, still had the original plastic left around the passenger door card!

Some bashing around the local bush (Watagan's were 20mins away for those that know Australia at all)

We also had the west of Sydney, where we did 1000km over 4 days just going from dirt road to dirt road and campsite to campsite! Another friend tagged along with her HiLux (with another friend driving as she'd had her arm broken tubing, but that's another story!) and the GF had 3 friends over from Scotland come along... so I was outnumbered 6:1!!!





Also did a bit down in Victoria as well, met up with some guys I knew down there through a Volvo forum; one guy has a FJ60 and the other a LN106 HiLux. I'll find those pics later...

We did have a couple of mechanical issues; the water pump died at the top of the work drive, so we rolled it back down to the machine shed and left it there whilst we sourced a new one, then fitted one after work; GF could only reach inside the engine bay by sitting on the front bar!

We also had some good work trucks to practice stuff in...
HJ75 Ute, 250,000km



HJ75 Troopy, 1986 450,000km

Now what I'd like to find in the UK is a good (UK Spec) KZJ70 or a KZJ90 or *95, I'd love another 73 or 74, but over here it would have to have a diesel in rather than the old 3F I had in that.
Looks like you have found the right forum ;) Welcome, I'm sure we can help you find a nice LC.