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Mixed Long post on 40 series



Hi Chris,
Yes 45's are long wheel base. Little too long, only a fraction shorter
overall length and wheelbase than an 80. I might chop a little of the rear
overhang on one of mine. It has no bed anyway so it's an easy job.
For 40 series info following links might be interesting; Toyota site that details the
timeline for the Land Cruiser, not 100% complete but some nice pictures. US forum with lots of 40 users US online parts seller - some info on the site=09
I imagine you know the FJ's are petrol, mostly 4.2L, the BJ diesel 3L 4 pot,
HJ diesel 3.6L? and 4L straight 6's.
If your looking for a 40 series there are very few in the UK, if your happy
with LHD then an import from Germany might be the best option but not many
45's around even there. At least there are more diesels in Europe.
One of mine is very original with a tray etc, even the fuse cover is there,
just needs some extensive restoration of panels and tidying up.
The other I got in bits and that=92s going to be the modified version. So far
I have collected parabolic springs, lights, wheels, half sorted the brakes,
changed the carb for a Weber 38, messed with a programmable electronic
ignition system and having got that combination working well decided to
change everything again and just got it running on Megasquirt for ignition,
next the carb comes off and it goes multi point injection. Step after that
is to fit the Jag XKR supercharger I have stashed. I should just get on
with it but I like playing and trying things out.
Short of pictures - they are tucked away in a workshop and not very photo
worthy at the moment anyway, I tend to collect photos of other LC for
inspiration but should take some of mine for future reference.
Perhaps I will be done by September....
Stafford (UK)
FJ45 '75 & FJ45 '76
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Looks like you all had a great trp at the weekend, will definately come in
what are your 45's? Pick ups, troopies, etc?
I am right in presuming that 45's are the lwb version?
Where can I find info regarding what No.'s correspond to which Cruiser model
- any ideas?
I would love a pick up and or a troopie 45 - lwb.
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