MOT time

Andy Harvey

Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2010
Cheltenham, UK
Well my 100 passed the MOT at the end of last week, with only a couple of advisories - front lower ball joints - guess I'm going to have to find out how difficult these are now and a slightly leaking rear offside damper. The guy didn't reckon any of these needed doing now - the leaking damper was only a slight leak but will get that done fairly smartish.

One thing that was quite good was the smoke test- far lower this year with the HHO fitted so at least it is doing something, not sure it is doing anything for the fuel economy overall but am still trying to measure that.

Visible Smoke test as follows:

last year - accelleration opacity test 0.71 (limit 1.5), this year 0.08
Last year Opacity mean value 0.71, this year 0.07

So from the HHO standpoint I think that proves that it at least is providing a cleaner and more complete burn.
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