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Multi gauge options for 95 series TD Prado


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Jul 23, 2023
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Hey there,

I am looking at installing a multi gauge, the readings I am looking for are EGT, transmission temp, oil pressure, coolant temp, and boost.

I have come across a couple of acceptable gauges, such as the madman (Madman Developments | Electronic Engine and Machine Monitoring Systems - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]) and the JRP 14 in 1 (Digital Multi Gauge Systems :: JRP Auto All-In-One Gauges - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]).

I am wondering if anyone has experience with these gauges, and also if there are other gauges that offer similar functions.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
with the 90 series not being OBDcompliant options are pretty limited on digital gauges, I fitted a voltage gauge in the centre consolle and a coolant temp and a trans oil temp gauge on the A pillar. I'd really like to have a few additional readings available but those are my essentials