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My 120 LC4


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Feb 24, 2010
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Well, the time has come for me to say goodbye to it.

Shameless copy and past from ebay:

(Note, if there is a club member who is interested, that price is an ebay price ;) )

Larry's Rules please.

Here we have my beloved Land Cruiser 120 LC4 for sale.

I bought this about 3 years ago when it was just a normal Land Cruiser. Over the years I have turned it into a real 4x4 which surprises you at what it can do.
The original intention was to drive from London to South Africa in it but my driving partner went and died from cancer before we could go. So, now I have a 4x4 which is brilliant at what it does but underused by myself. Here's hoping someone else can put it to good use.

The full life of the Land Cruiser can be see at which is a Land Cruiser club I run. Lots of pictures and stories on there. All in all, there are about £3000 worth of extras on it which turn it from a good 4x4 to a brilliant 4x4!

The Good bits:

Safari Snorkel:
It has had a Safari Snorkel on it from about the first month I bought it.

Old Man Emu Nitro Sport suspension:
I put some OME suspension on about 2 years ago. This firmed up the ride slightly, stopped the wallowing and nose diving that 120s have and raised it about 25-35mm.

General Grabber AT2 tyres.
It has a set of these on as the standard tyres are not very good on anything other than tar. The fronts are about 30-40% worn, the rears about 50%. I swapped front and back while ago to even the wear out (fronts go quicker)
The spare tyre is brand spanking new and has never touched the road!

ASFIR front and gearbox plates:
Also from early on it wore some ASFIR under-body protection. It has plates for the front of the engine and chassis as well as the rear plate protecting the gearbox. These plates do a superb job.
They have holes in all the right places so servicing does not need the plates to be removed.

ARB Sahara bar
I had an ARB Sahara bar fitted. This is imported from Australia. Fitting this hugely increases the front approach angle, makes the Land Cruiser look a whole bunch better. Mostly though, it allows you to fit the winch and spot lights.

GoodWinch Winch
It has a 9500 GoodWinch (aka: KingOne) winch on it with Dyneema rope on. The Dyneema rope is better than normal steel as there is no stretch, lighter and should it snap, it just drops to the ground; no leg-cutting whiplash!
The winch has two remote controls for it; no cables trailing around.
I will include the original winch cabled remote in case you want to fit it as well.

To the Sahara bar I have fitted two 55W HID spot lights. These things are seriously bright! They take about 3 minutes to reach full light but once done, it's daylight in front of you for about 200M. The have a remote switch in the cable to turn them on and off. The switch has 3 positions: Auto - Off - On. The Auto is is disabled but if you re-enable it, they will come on with the normal high beams. The off is, well, off. No rocket science there. The on is, again, primary school stuff here, on.

It has a parrot MKi9200 hands free kit in which is brilliant, it has to be one of the best hands free kits out. It's the one with the colour screen and plays music off the phone, an iPod or SD card. I installed it myself and people talking to me on the phone say they can hear me perfectly clearly.

USB addition
I did a little mod when I first got it and put two USB sockets into the dash. These will power anything from a SatNav to charging a phone. Anything that needs a USB plug for power can use these. Much handier than having multiple things plugged into the 12V socket.

Paint work:
I have just had it professionally polished by a guy who does all the cars for the local Toyota dealer. Have a look at some of the photos. The panels are like mirrors!!!

Warning when buying a pre-2006 model Land Cruisier LC3/4/5
It's well know that a number of these have a "cracked injector seal" problem. The first visible signs of this problem occurring are a blown engine. It's a silent killer. Even if you don't buy mine (why would you not!) ensure this has been checked before hand. If the seller looks confused or stutters about it, think carefully and at least have it checked out after you buy it.
The best way to check for this problem is to take the sump off and check the oil pickup. If it shows signs of chocking and clogging, then you have the problem and the injectors need seeing to. Be warned, this is an expensive place to be.
I removed the sump on mine and checked the pickup; it was clean as a whistle! There were no signs of blockage which means all is well in the engine. I also had the oil tested for excess amounts of soot; none were found.
See here for the results:

It has a dealer service history up to about 45k when I bought it. There after, it has been serviced by myself every 6000-8000 miles (normal interval is 10000 miles) using only genuine Toyota parts and oil. (Club members get really good discounts from some of our preferred dealers so why not use the real thing???)
I did the timing belt at about 97k (supposed to be 100k but I was bored that weekend)
I have all the receipts and paperwork for all the various things bought and serviced on it.

Over the years I have done some maintenance to is which include:

  • Rebuilding the brakes with new seals and new pistons.
  • Cleaned the EGR valve
  • Dropped the sump and checked the oil pickup (don't buy an pre-2005/6 Land Cruiser without knowing this!)

So if you're looking for a brilliant 4x4 which can also do 100 down the highway with the aircon keeping you cool, you've found your vehicle.
If you're looking for a "school run car" with a difference, it will function just as well for that (but it will be sad!)

It's a classified, make me an offer. No time wasters, no tyre kickers please.

I have also listed this elsewhere in the club so might withdraw the ad at any time.


Some more pics:

The side view:
Reflection in side doors:
Some cracking in the seat. Not too bad.

Front view:

Gary Mead

Mar 29, 2010
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Are you buying another or giving up the 4x4 thing for a while?????...I am facing the very same dilemma:cry: