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My 120 sounds like a milk float.


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Feb 24, 2010
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Today I noticed a whine coming from somewhere in the engine. It sounds like it's to the right hand side. If you open the window the diesel noise drowns it out, it's very faint. It increases with RPM but is most evident at 2500. Even then it's pretty soft.
It sounds like alternator whine on an old radio if that makes sense.

I am guessing that the mud / water from the weekend might have upset a bearing in the alternator or one of its neighbours?
Going to have a listen over the weekend (Someone mentioned the hose trick in another thread) and try find it. It's due for a service and last of it's warranty repairs next week so I would like it to fail before then :twisted:

I know Richard had a failed alternator, any other bearing issues in the 120 that people have had?
Assuming your D4D engine is the same as in Tommo's 90 here.

He is having bearing issues with the bearing in the pre-heater pulley. Apparently very rare for these to go but worth the water treatment.
Hi Les,

That did spring to mind when I first heard it. Tommo's sounded like a banshee though ;)
Going to have a listen over the weekend and try find it.
Mine was doing that before mate for about 6 months. Then we went offroading, got a load of water in the engine bay and it disappeared. But then last weekend it reappeared with a vengeance....... now it's gone again!
Tommo&Claire said:
....... now it's gone again!

Had to wait for the sand in the bearing to wear down :)
Get it back on Monday? :shock: