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My 80

@clivehorridge thank you, it takes a bit of keeping clean and has its fair share of scratches, a good coat of polish and wax doesn't hide it's scars but protects the paintwork.
I've got a bit to sort at the back of the sill but will catch it before becomes an issue, the other side had to be plated where I'd damaged it and not realised!

Sounds like the wrap has done it's job protecting the paint.

Can you get them electro plated before powder coat? Problem with powder coat I've found is one bit of damage and it lets water In. My rock sliders peeled quite a lot so just painted them now.

Planning a coast to coast trip next year now with the same group but probably not with the bikes, good few days of lanes and camping away from it all, we've laned and off roaded together for about 15 years so a trusted group.

Yeah Gary, I feel the same about powder coat, but the trouble is, finding anyone here who can handle the size of these bars for electro plating is a non-starter.

Theres a guy who will sandblast them, but I’m looking for an acid dip big enough ATM, without much luck.

I‘m thinking paint this time instead, at least you can wire brush that and splash a bit of Genolite or equivalent at it...

It does make a change to see the old truck shiny again, I must admit :lol:

Must get some alcohol on the adhesive left behind on the paint under the wrap. Jeez it took some getting off, that’s a fact.

I never liked them in pictures but seeing Clive's truck with my own eyes altered my opinion to yep i want me some of them :cool:
Sorry Gary, seems I’ve thread-jacked this one a bit, It wasn’t intentional. I didnt like the side bars much at all, but they’re growing on me. They’ve been useful though, for sure..
Well the 80 has been out doing what it does best..... looking good on green lanes haha.

Planned a day out with the 4x4 response guys, a good test for our new radio equipment, a bit of off tarmac driving and orienteering.

A true rose between thorns.
There's only a couple of non land-rover in group.

From the meet point we split into 2 groups and set off with a 10 minute gap

All the landys but the mighty 80 leads the way lol



Over looking Scarhouse reservoir

I wanted a picture with just the 80 and even asked them to wait!!! Didn't listen so I'll just have to go back myself



Happy upfront

Waiting for the others to catch up!
Have to admit it's why I prefer solo laning, no waiting around.

Didn't get any pics of the 80 on this bit, rocks were quite slippery and didn't fancy leaving it parked on there!

Missed the mileage when it rolled on but I was on the M1 at the time so close enough!
Done more miles then normal in last couple of months. Had a couple of laning trips etc though.

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Well my fuel tank failed again, the plate that was welded on has sprung a leak on the weld!!! Not happy but on with getting a replacement.

So started to do some under bonnet stuff, checked the fuel system, all good. Checked the breather system and the charcoal canister, all tested ok. Same as before.

Started to think what's caused the failure, it was ok before the last laning trip so Checked for damage, non found.

Took the 80 for a good drive and left it running for a bit, could hear the tank pushing air out, re Checked the breather system now its hot and found the check valve in the charcoal canister stuck shut not allowing the tank to breathe!!!!!! When cooled down again under the bonnet it was fine :angry-screaming: a weak spot on the tank and the expansion/contraction cracked it.

While searching for a new canister came across a thread on mud, well the canister has been cut open, check valve drilled out and sealed back up!!
no more breathing issues!!

I never noticed any excessive pressure in the tank but normally fill up round the corner from home so cold engine.
A little update on yesterday's antics

I got in contact with @Ryan Thomson about the possibility of making a fuel tank, a long range item to replace the main tank. He was very keen and the wheels were set in motion.

Fast forward and off I went to BRE fabrication to install the tank.

In true 80 fashion she gave us a fight!
Old tank out in 30 mins no messing and new tank had pump etc swapped over and modified to suit the extra depth.
Offered into place and we were hitting the exhaust!

Obviously we both have a custom made system and they're both different.

The team worked hard and 200% effort was applied. Exhaust suitably modified, few tweaks to the tank (this is a first production model) 13 hours in the workshop later I was rolling.

Now the important bits, the pictures



Genius at work


It got a little bashed about but was in and out a few times. Only paint that needs touching up but will get raptor lined at some point. Will test it first before a more permanent coating.

Very well made, the amount of times we had to drag it in and out, only the paint got scratched off.
looking forward to decent range.

Driving home was an adventure due to road closures and poor diversions, 240 miles and didn't even use half a tank. Got home at 3am and was a little tired.
Go Team BRE!!! Great stuff. Hope you had the workshop heaters on.

Wait they have heaters??!!

Well we all like pictures...

fits perfectly to the underside

Front tucks up above the gearbox cross member and my gearbox bash guard protects it too. That needed a little modification to clear

Side view, no lower then my rock slider, trailing arm mount etc so no loss of ground clearance

It's around 140L. We siphoned the old tank of 25L to 30L which went back in, put 100L in and it didn't even stop the pump once until hit 100L max. :)
Small update on the 80, had a couple of events with 4x4 response, we attended a drive in firework display to assist with traction, then Christmas eve the same venue for a drive in Carol service. Very wet field so had plenty towing to do.
80 sat proud.


Rolled on a few more miles too, done a bit more than normal, Even with covid, lockdowns etc. We do tend to use it more on a weekend now too.

Had a little bit laning before lockdown came again, first trip with the new fuel tank.

Pleased to say not a single issue, tank is performing exactly how it should. No strange noises, can tell how well baffled it is as no issues when the level gets lower. Enjoying having an increased fuel range too. Fuel gauge is reading like normal for the actual level.

Had to cut the trip short as my exhaust was hitting the propshaft. We had to modify it for the fuel tank and knew would need some further tweaks. Bought some tighter/shorter 90 degree bends and will have to get the welder out.
Mot today, dropped it off before work (far too much hassle taking to my own work!)
Pass no advisories. Even the emissions which is normally close anyway.

Couple of notes but only stuff already know about.
Well had to get some spanners out, started to get a driveline vibration, a quick pump with the grease gun improved matters (I grease them yearly on service) so ordered some Toyo joints, couple of days and delivered from Milner.

Yep that's the issue. Rearmost joint and could feel the tight spots.

Has done flood work recently and does get used off road regularly. Lots of crud build up too.

New joint, I ordered a pair but the front feels perfectly fine so just re greased, if its not broke don't mess with it.

Now to look at the central locking, not unlocking from the remote or switch inside! Fine at the weekend now not working.
I've had a productive couple of days, tested my new pop up tent for 4x4 adventures, less then a minute its out of the bag and up
Can be taken down as quick too.

It's a 3man apparently, fits my bed nicely with a little bit of space and a porch. Will give it a water proof to be sure.

Perfect for the planned coast to coast trip Where late finishes and early starts are likely.

Had a head light misting up so stripped it, re sealed the lens and dried out


After the long range fuel tank got fitted and we had to change the exhaust a bit, had issues with it hitting the propshaft off road, removed the cat back and re made the bends going over the chassis. Few new bits of pipe and some welding its back on and looks to have better clearance


No pics of it fitted back on, it was getting cold in the garage.
Few minor things recently, used to mount my 10" tablet on the centre console but the trim got cracked so wouldn't hold. It got moved to the windscreen but was in my view a bit, asking for grief too.
So bought a different mount now, much more legal and better driving in the dark

Mounts to the seat and made an extra bracket to reduce wobble.

Something that's always bugged me when driving, i end up with my knee resting against the door, last laning trip got uncomfortable so had to sort it.

So £8 bought this from Amazon

Added some foam, glue and poor sewing skills

A strip of stick on velcro then ready to mount on the door

Now when I rest against the door it's padded, not a bad colour match either. About £12 all in with plenty material left for any other random projects.

Exhaust also no longer knocks against anything which is a result.

Still very hopeful for my planned coast to coast trip this year so sorting little things out.
Few bits done to the 80. No pics but had a rear heater pipe leak on top of the gearbox, now piped in with heater hose. Full coolant flush while in there.

Found an issue with the front inner gaurd, heat of the exhaust has been affecting the paint and under seal. Winter weather let some rust try to take hold. Bit of a clean up of the gaurd, re sealed and painted.
I've cut a bit out too so not as close.

I've been using heat resistant paint already on the chassis and it was peeling off, again letting the winter weather in. Cleaned up, primed and painted again with stove paint!

Now made some heat shields for the chassis, gaurd and floor/firewall.
They get quite hot so no wonder paint wasn't doing well.
Not so bad when driving at normal speeds but when slow moving on lanes etc there's a lot of heat.



Coast to coast trip all booked in for May so glad the pipe went locally! Had to bypass on the roadside.

The padded leg rest is awesome too, no more knee rubbing in the door
Been out for a little trip into the North Yorkshire Moors, bit of a recce for next months trip, first laning since re doing the exhaust, sorting the heater pipes etc.

New tablet mount is perfect, little bit of wobble but nothing to bother me, easy to view the maps.

No knocks or bangs from the exhaust now.

East coast in the background



My Little Co pilots assessing the situation. It was 6 inches deep but they wanted to get out and look.

We had a nice walk round Grosmont too. Very quiet and a 6 year old obsessed with trains.

Now for anyone who has driven a petrol will appreciate this picture.

Re Filled the tank and reset the trip. Been on the little trip as above.
Loving the long range fuel tank

It's still painful filling it but I make less visits.
Got the 80 on the ramp today, bit of a check over and greasing of nipples etc. Ready for next month.
Air con hasn't been great but it was last touched 8 years ago! Gave it a re gas.
Sorted a little leak on the sunroof, just the front plastic bits needed sealing.

Made a couple of tweaks to the heater pipes I've recently replaced, just easier on a ramp then laid underneath.

Got some better pics of the fuel tank while underneath too, we all like pics. Gave it a quick clean off to get decent pics.

Nice big tank

Looking from the rear, tucks in nicely.
My gearbox gaurd was off but that extends backwards past the cross member and offers protection to the tank too.

From underneath.
Can see the spot welds which are for the baffles.
it's very well baffled too, don't get any issues with fuel sloshing back and forth.

View from the passenger side, hardly hangs down at all.
Rock sliders need some paint.

Looking from the drivers side

Barely tell its there from this side.

Also hit a jackpot, my mate at toyota messaged me, they were throwing away the old paper manuals and he managed to save me some..


Including the quick reference service info sheets too