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My 80

Looking good Gary, as usual....

a little envious of those low miles... and the new bespoke fuel tank is a beast. :thumbup:
Cheers @clivehorridge.
I'm loving the new tank, I went from a cracked tank to this one a lot easier then expected especially with lockdowns etc. Ryan did an awesome job.

Get towards the £200 area to fill but I run on super unleaded. Next months trip will be a good test of the range. (Obviously will be a full trip report)
I missed it by a few miles but during the coast to coast the 80 hit 95k!

I reckon about 18 months or so it'll be at 100k.

We've not had a shiny picture for a while either, this was a few weeks back

Still looking clean but where it belongs.

Added heat shields seem to be doing their job and keeping the exhaust heat from burning the paint off the chassis etc.
While I've had a couple of days off work for school holidays, we had a last minute trip out. Kids and wife wanted seaside, forecast wasn't looking good. I suggested lanes, picnic, fish and chips at the coast.
So off we went
Tablet chucked in the mount, picnic In the cool bag (don't keep the fridge in the boot) didn't even need fuel as had 3/4 tank (have I mentioned I love my long range tank)
Onto the lanes we go



Set up for a nice picnic away from it all

Just missing the fridge

Kids went for a little wander

Soon rounded up when food appears

Emma got a nice little arty shot

Carried on with glorious weather.
New tablet mount now fully tried and tested.

Nice little Ford crossing

Only about 18inch deep so nothing to worry to 80

have driven this before when water was over the stepping stones! Not in the 80!

Did a few more lanes then continued with the other part of the deal.
A rather chilly and foggy Whitby!
Drove down into the clouds from the sun


Rather then sitting in traffic on the way home we decided to have a sit in the restaurant, been nearly a year since we had a family meal out!!

A little trip out turned into 140ish miles, meal out, ice cream and another great time.
80 still just does what I ask with no fuss.
Bit of an update with the 80, first a little late but miles have racked up again. Has done 500 more then that photo

I decided to sort a bit of sill that had blistered up on the drivers side, usual area but before got too bad I cut it all out, welded a new bit in and painted.

Drains had been blocked and water sat in hadn't helped. Dirt trap of the side step too.




While it was off I cleaned and re painted the slider on the side.

There was a couple of areas on the side steps that had corroded the aluminium. Cut it out and made new sections




Simple repair but works perfectly.

Local motorist cafe had a 4x4 day and used a nice 80 for the cover

Had to fit my spare starter motor after the original failed, nice easy job on a petrol

Now for the shocker......
It's looking highly likely that into the new year the updates will stop for the 80!!

Been on the cards a while but a new shape Hilux will take its place!!

I need to decide if do the coast to coast planned in May (opposite direction to last time) then sell or do it before and get a Hilux set up ready for May!?
Will be no big tyres or big lifts. Moderate mods apart from in the back.

Possibly need to change fuel tank as still the 1st/test unit fitted. It's been awesome though.

I somehow need to put a value on it and don't know where to start. People don't want petrol it seems, may have to take some goodies off.
Its a great truck Gary and worth every consideration vs a diesel especially if low miles are envisaged
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Be a great weekender for someone , I'd set your price and stick to your guns coz its unlikely theres another out there with such low miles AND provenance of keen qualified maintenance .

Be a great weekender for someone , I'd set your price and stick to your guns coz its unlikely theres another out there with such low miles AND provenance of keen qualified maintenance .
I'm keeping an eye on prices etc to figure where to start. Trying to keep it below 100k miles which is possible even if do another coast to coast.
Nothing to hide with it either, had a few bits of common rust which have been sorted properly. Always maintained and yes gets used where it should be. It's a genuine 80.
If get what the insurance agreed value is I'd be happy.

I've got a budget for a new ish Hilux, the 80 pays for whatever I want to do to it.

Any chance you want to sell me the spare wheel carrier
It would go with it nowhere to put the spare otherwise. Would leave holes in the bumper etc too.
Took the 80 out in the Dales with a group from 4x4 response, some nice scenic and rocky lanes. Range rovers on 20" Road tyres did surprisingly well, few scrapes to the shiny wheels and some paint pin stripes, biggest issue was ground clearance

Leading the way up Fremington

There's a choice of 2 tracks further up, the easy left and the right hand.
I sent the others left and went right, disco 2 tried to follow me but backed out haha.
First attempt was a no with centre locker, backed up, rear locker in and drove up without much loud pedal.

Couple of tight hairpin bends, has a step that need to back up before dropping off. Took me a couple of turns.
Dmax coming round

Glorious day even though cold and windy.
This was a lunch stop out of the wind

Up front as normal

New favourite sign, if a car got round here I'd be impressed

Not quite bonnet up lack of ground clearance caused issues

Apparently these little stones kept bothering the underside
I missed it by a mile but I was driving, rolled onto 97k now!

Yep a full tank of super unleaded too (approx 140L)

Been for a day out in the north Yorkshire Moors with the response guys today. Bit of a damp day and a few lanes less travelled.
Had 2 groups but had planned it so a good gap between us

80 up front

Lunch stop while waiting for the other group


Had to stop while someone had to fill with water as started to leak.
80 was sat patiently waiting

Waiting for the other group before heading to some more lanes


D max leading the 2nd group.
His first time leading a group and followed my route with no issues

Everyone else in a landy so only right the jap motors lead the way haha.

Landys at the back lol

A lane that sees very little use, has fantastic views even on a cloudy damp day.
The lack of tyre tracks show the use it gets.

Couple of places that are close to those drops, a tight left further along with a ditch on the right makes you realise the 80's size! Wet grass just adds to that fun!
Noticed my windscreen wasn't clearing well so figured air conditioning wasn't working (I usually just leave it turned on) quick check over revealed a uv dye covered compressor pulley! That'll be the shaft seal gone then.

So a genuine part not cheap and comes without a clutch/pulley, non genuine listed incorrectly for the petrol as the pulley is wrong. Different to a diesel.

Amazon to the rescue and from the US. £221 including import duty, took a week to come.

Just need the 80 back now to fit it (stored at a friend's farm while having work to the house)

Fitted the air con compressor today and re gassed. All sorted and working again.
Had to order some belts as they're cracking so will need to change them.

Not bad for an Amazon bargain and it's a Denso part too which was same as factory original
Hello Gary, really love what you have done with the 80, thoroughly enjoyed reading back through your post and your adventures.
Currently on the look out for a new motor so I will keep checking for when you list as would definitely be interested.
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Hello Gary, really love what you have done with the 80, thoroughly enjoyed reading back through your post and your adventures.
Currently on the look out for a new motor so I will keep checking for when you list as would definitely be interested.

I have a coast to coast in May for 5 days then a few items to remove then it'll be for sale.
Winch (mount will be still fitted), cb, vhf and a few bits will be removed.
There is a few people interested and another member does have first refusal.

As you've likely seen it's been looked after and used as it should be. There's nothing to hide with repair etc as all documented here.
I've even got 3 new belts to fit as worn.