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My LCs story.

Jun 10, 2010
I accquired my Land Cruiser through work, it was basically saved from the scrappage scheme.
1 owner from new, every service done at either it's supplying dealer in Park Lane or at another one in SW London.

Complete with a reasonable MOT of only 4 months but having only covered 300 miles since the last one, I'm fairly sure it'll fly through the next one. By the looks of it, my 80 has never previously been offroad and no towbar fitted. A few car park scars as I call them, nothing terrible or rusty just scuffs.

The tyres it came with where basically brand new but a rubbishy brand, Nankang Ditchfinders or something. Which actually I didn't have a problem with until I encountered a very steep hill which it simply wouldn't go up. I also at this point discovered the rear diff lock not working.

Prior to this, I noticed a oddly noise from the front of the car. Thought it might have been a stone behind the guard rattling around. Turns out it was a collapsed wheel bearing! Thankfully the people of this forum came through with Ian Rubie sorting out the parts really quickly for me and also Cossack for lending me a tool to complete the job, at 1am I might add!! Lots of people helped myself and my friend complete the task of wheel bearing replacement, and also the stub axle which had been destroyed and melted with the heat.

Whilst my friend Dan was sorting out the wheel bearing, I changed the diff oils, engine oil, filters, coolant, etc. All the simple stuff. Dan also replaced the brake pads. I also managed to replace the headunit and pop in the CDL switch and do the pin mod which I was happy with!

About a week after this work was carried out I thought it was time to take the plunge and get some new rubber on the cruiser.
I opted for BFG Mud Terrains in the slightly larger than standard 285/75 tyre size as suggested by this forum. I've been very happy with them thus far.

I also spoke to Ian again and sorted out a replacement diff lock accuator and again Dan fitted this to the cruiser for me as I didn't want to break anything, again with lots of advice from Ian and this forum.

I took my 80 at the end of June to Slindon4x4 pay and play day, had an excellent time and really impressed me with what it could do.
I did manage to bend my side steps but I'll be taking those off and fitting some of Jons sliders to it later in the year.







I'm heading down to Morocco on the 1st August for 3 weeks. Wish me luck... Really must get the AC regassed!

There a few things I want to do.
Wildsmith Sliders
OME Suspension (spring/shock) uprade
OME Steering Damper
There is a slight knocking from the suspension that I want to sort but can't find it.
See if I can upgrade the stereo slightly
Safari Snorkel

But overall I'm really happy with my purchase and I think I'll be keeping it as a second car rather than getting rid of it, since I want to do a proper overland trip in a few years and yes I realise petrol isn't the way to go but I've got her now, can't get rid of her just because she's thirsty!

Thanks for a great forum!
I'll continue to update this thread with any bits I do to the car or any interesting photos of the 80, I imagine I'll have a few tales to tell when I get back from Morocco.
Oh! dear, I can see you've fallen in love, there's no hope for you now. :lol: :lol:
Nice looking motor James.
Glad you got bit by the bug.

Just out of interest, have I seen that motor around Reigate???
Ecky Thump said:
Nice looking motor James.
Glad you got bit by the bug.

Just out of interest, have I seen that motor around Reigate???

Possibly. The previous owner used to live Dorking way.
Haha, another one bitten :twisted:

Nice truck, that site looks pretty good too