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my nuts and diff oil colors



Tough on the nuts :)
Having to weld another nut on is some serious stickiness.
How long (time/mileage) b4 they were opened b4?
When u say u did the diffs - what did u do?
Did u not do a front axle rebuild the other week or was it just some of the
bearings on the hub?
(did u drain the fluid then - guess not).
Did u not seen a treacle like goop in the birf then?
My all means drain and flush but if its black treacle like then I'd say u've
seals going where the oil from the diff is getting contaminated with grease
from the birf/cv/hub. That would indicate a rebuild/repack needed.
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Hi Guys
I got a guy to open my nuts today and it became an hours work for him and me
watching. He had to resort to lump hammer and chesil his way to my rear nut
which was dertermained not to budge. He had to get his welding gear out to
weld a nut on to the nut and eventually got it open. So much for DIY john C.
I did the diffs and the stuff was like very thick treakel in the front diff
and thick blackish goo from the rear one. So im going to run it for a while
and then empty it in a few days again to get all the crap out. Borm mechanic
I am .
John C
92 HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland