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My overland camper trailer


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Feb 2, 2013
Should be strong enough to carry a kettle and a mattress i reckon .

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Looks very sturdy, maybe a Porta Loo as well. :icon-wink:
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git shayne they are the best mod trailer you can get. Can i ask what you paid? if your getting rid of the body they go for lots i think they are all aluminium.
Arrrgh ! didn't know it was aluminium that explains the absence of rust but that's gonna be a severe restriction when it comes to modifying and a bunch of half formed plans just got binned :angry-banghead:

There's one on ebay Stu
They go for more then i have to spend i used to be able to get these for 400 now no chance. Good buy
Cost me double that but was a bargain none the less .

It's a Rapier missile trailer and for obvious reasons it tows better than anything i've ever experienced , it could be said that it behaves impeccably at 85mph but of course nobody is daft enough to test such a thing :whistle: Braking on my truck is actually improved while towing it :wtf: . The suspension is not height adjustable as many seem to think the mudguards are so high because the suspension can be collapsed to stack trailers for transport by sea or air . It does have a handbrake though its not obvious but from what i can tell the lever is removable so i will have to investigate how its operated and how it can be adapted to accept a breakaway cable .
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Great trailer, the height of the trailer is adjustable, the military had two differant length link bars that you pull the pin out of one for it to tow behind a bedford 4x4 and a shorter one for landrovers. But as they all get lost you can cut and shorten the link bar to lower the trailer to your vehicle height.

Also i put the later wide track tow ring on mine because as standard they just come with that sring loaded one which can cause it to jerk back and forward when loaded and you get a reversing push down pin on a newer one.. My mate just bought one from up north for £450 from ebay.
Thanks Rich Bedford or Defender height makes sense i've yet to have a proper look at what i've got . I think it is a spring action brake the trailer is marked with T1999 so i'm guessing that's when the MOD sold it . Can't find much info at all about the Rapier so i would be grateful for whatever you can offer .
Had to save the pic to get a proper look at it coz its so big lol . I think i will keep the bedford height because my nato hitch is only bolted in place of my tow ball at a height i guessed but the trailer isn't ludicrously tilted . Should be able to get it to tow level without to much trouble .
you can view normal size without saving by right clicking on it a selecting view image
A bucket and a brolley should be good for a more alfresco experience :lol:

Thanks Reinhard i didn't know that and the pic was at least 4 times the size of my screen last night .
I hope this is the handbrake its broken so i can't test it but surely its not a reverse only brake ?

Yeah that the hand brake im afraid the all the bolts on the handbrake linkage rust and seize the snap stuff
Any landrover owners want to save me a job ?

As far as i'm aware the trailer has standard Defender wheels and i need to know what it measures from the inside face of the wheel to the max width of the tyre . Of course i could just whip the wheel off and measure it myself but to do so means getting robbed down at halfrauds for a proper high lift jack , i need to get one anyway i'm just assuming halfrauds will be double the price of any online retailer .
So you want to know the offset of a standard wolf wheel?
Just trying to work out how much clearance i have between the hub face and the tub Stu , i will prob have to remove the wheel to be sure but i thought asking worth a punt . If i can't get an exact match with my trucks wheel and tyre on there with a spacer then i may as well go with LR wheels an the trailer will have to have its own spare .