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my story, oil and luck



Hi Guys
Just thought I would give some information which may be of interest to some.
A while back I decided to break away from the norm/old school of thought,
yes I was mad even really mad especially when you concider I knew shag all
about mechanics even less than what I do now.
I have been using Amsoil oil for the past while with mixed results to start
My cruiser loved it so much it drank way too much of it.
It turned out to be a mixture of the vocosity of the oil and my cruisers
engine which were causing concerns in relation to the amount of oil it would
need as top ups in between services.
Anyway a strange thing happened to the cruiser engine which changed certain
caracteristics of it for the better I think/hope.
This has not been confirmed by any engine stripping or dismanteling of any
sort, last thing I want.
I dont know why but im sure someone will tell me what happened.
When the injector pump packed up on me late last year I sent the
whole cruiser off to these specialists on the back of a tow truck.
When I collected it after a few miles I just happened to notice that the
temp guage was in the red.
I pulled over ASAP as the country road would allow and found to my discust
that there was no coolant in the Radiator or reserve bottle at all.
The engine was very hot to the toutch as was the Radiator.
I let it cool and then filled with water.
Replaced the water later the next day with Toyota red.
After phoning the guys responsible for this f--- up and explaining if the
head gasket or worse goes, its their baby to sort it out.
So over time the engine seemed fine, no hisses or bangs or weird noises from
the engine at least.
BUT my engine oil consumption has fallen a lot since the over heating took
Prior to this good news I had all but given up on using Amsoil and
just kept putting it in as the engine needed untill it would be all gone.
Then I would go back to using Dino.
But as the cruiser was using much less my store of Amsoil was lasting for
ever it seemed. I dont know if this usage will continue or I am just waiting
in line for a big bang MY ENGINE I just dont know.
But I am now on 9000 miles on the same service of oil in the engine
supported ny oil analysis every 3000 miles and the oil was clearded for
another 3000 miles.
So soon I will have run the oil in the engine for 12000 miles.
I have to admit every time I get the oil checked I wait very nerviously for
days untill the results come back.
But it would seem to be working very well.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT